Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. As I pray for our sweet, and as of yet unborn, daughter Ella, I am praying for a completely will-less child. That she will have the sweetest of dispositions, sunny smiles and bright eyes but never want to make any decisions for herself. She will always be happy to succumb to the will of Mama. Sure, because she can't make her own decisions, she will probably live with us until she is 45 but I am willing to make that sacrifice.

2. In other news, anyone want a 3 year old little girl?

3. My pantry is currently holding 2 different holiday treats. While buying candy conversation hearts (Necco brand ONLY, thankyouverymuch) I discovered a small display of Cadbury Creme Eggs and couldn't pass them up. Every time I delight in their yummy goodness, I feel like I am cheating on Valentine's Day with Easter.

4. 2 Saturdays ago, I discovered a musical from my childhood on TV. It was about 20 minutes into it but I taped it anyway since our family only has 1 really bad VHS copy of the musical. I hadn't seen it in years and it brought me amazing joy to find it again. I made the kids watch it with me and now Lucy asks for "Pirates of Penzance" at least twice a day. (Who am I to say no?!) Nathan has taken to jumping around like a pirate and attempting a British accent. I haven't had to watch children's television in almost 2 weeks now! Plus, I am abundantly happy singing along with the musical that first planted within me such a strong love and desire for musical theatre.

5. Plus, who can resist Kevin Kline in THESE BOOTS?!

6. My husband is the worst spider catcher ever. Seriously, he is. He will be right next to the spider, tissue in hand, go in for the kill and miss the darn thing by, like a foot. Next thing you hear is him muttering and either chasing the darn intruder or trying to quickly reel the spider back up.

7. My husband also doesn't appreciate me making him a part of this Ten on Tuesday in such a fashion. I told him not to do hilarious things while I am actually sitting AT the computer blogging. Be less memorable.

8. We are attempting Disneyland tomorrow. The kids and me. Much to the concern of my friend Kristen who is afraid I will go into labor while riding Dumbo. I did my research and only discovered 2 other births at Disneyland in the past because usually once labor starts, people decide to leave the Magic Kingdom. (Why?! Why would you EVER leave?) SO, if I want to be memorable, I am going to have to visit Disneyland, go into labor, ignore the labor pains and then deliver right there underneath Sleeping Beauty's castle. According to Internet Lore, Ella would get a lifetime pass to Disneyland and also a special Disneyland Birth Certificate! Might be worth it.
Indiana Jones ride, here I come!

9. We started up a web blog for our Photography. You can visit to see some of our latest work, what we are bragging about, etc. Simply follow this link: http://zabphoto.blogspot.com/

10. Got my Christmas Letter printed up today. Yes, you read that right. I have almost all the cards ready, all the photos printed up and yet I never sent everything out! So, some of you will see an interesting sight in your mailbox in the next week or so, along with an explanation. And as you read it, remember, you are my friends because you enjoy the silliness.


  1. i love Cadbury eggs... In such an unhealthy way.

    And Pirates of Penzance (sp?)

    oh to have the best of both worlds...

  2. Okay. I've thought about it for a good, long while. (Or 2 minutes, at least.)

    I really think you should do all you can to have Ella at Disneyland. How cool would THAT be? It would totally top me getting engaged there.

    AND, since I'm a passholder, once you start having pains, you can just call me and I'll be there in an hour.

    You get to make history and I don't even have to miss the birth!!!

  3. haha, naked Thursdays. Sigh....I miss Friends.

  4. yes I adore the silliness!!

    Have fun at Disney! Can't wait to meet Ella, hope she doesn't come out dizzy from the spin of the teacups :) :)

    love you!

  5. You're rad. I'd say more but smiling's enough.

    Hey People! My Blood here! :)

    Ella is the best name! Ella Fitzgerald is one of my favorite singers. When she sang, you could hear her smile. I think I have one of your dad's records of her. Please don't tell. I'm taking good care of it.

  6. Oh My God You crack me up so much!!! I told you Ella was for Cinder-Ella!!! I am trying to think of the longest most comfortable rides for you to labor on. Too bad they got rid of the Molecule ride.

    As for the Three Year Old for sale? Can I be taker#1?

    And Finally, Musicals are the Best! Luckily I got Eric a DVD player for Christmas so he can watch Sweeny Todd in his room. I am more of a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers kind of gal.

  7. I may need those boots. =^)

    I want to go to Disneyland! Oh, so badly. And, just for the record, I think you should try to find out while there if the Urban Legend is really true... because if so, it would be worth it!!!

  8. I agree, definetly go for the birth @ Disneyland...the benefits far out weigh the risk....Right?

  9. ......and I ALSO have a Disney pass now too! And I will drive up with missy shell! Now you must have baby Ella at Disneyland! I want an Ella Enchanted!! Do it. Do it.Do it.Do it! I double dare you!

  10. I love cheating on valentines with Easter. Gives me a rush of ooey cadbury goodness.