Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday (The Not So Interesting One)

10. I almost wrote this two days ago...because I totally thought it was Tuesday.

9. I really really don't like my new shower scrubby thing-y. The scrubby part is fine, the color is nice and calm (the last one was bright pink) but there is this plastic ball/bead thing on the hang-y part that whips around when I am scrubbing and it just annoys me. I think I am going to have to turn it over to my husband to see if he can break it off or something.

8. Or I guess I COULD spend $2.99 to buy a new scrubby but that seems wasteful to me for some reason.

7. The last week or so, I have been awake for almost every minute of every day. It makes time move very slowly.

6. The carpet cleaner guy on American Idol? Yeah, he's super cute.

5. Best TV Show to fall asleep to? Law and Order. I have seen almost every episode twice or even three times and I still love every one of them. But the constant dialogue is the perfect thing to have in the background of a nap.

4. Mmmmm. Cheez-its.

3. Hair: To cut? Not to cut? This is the question.

2. Happy Birthday TODAY to my two Besties, Michelle and Maria Elena! I tried to have a baby on your birthday but she just didn't want to stay put.

1. Speaking of the baby, I think I may have the smooshiest, cutest, cuddliest, sweetest poopsie cakes baby who makes me want to actualy talk baby talk to her because she is so squishy and sweet ever to grace the face of the earth.


  1. I adore your list. I think your fabulous. I love your baby.. (all of them actually) Have DZ break off the annoying part of the scrubby.. mmm cheeze its :)

  2. oh and might I add that the WORST show to fall asleep too is Forensic Files... messes with your dreams when the last words you hear before you fall asleep are "and then the callus serial killer crept....zzzzzzzzzzzz"

  3. Which guy is the carpet guy? Was it the last guy to sing? Cause I thought he was cute, and I like the 17 year old cutie pie too! He's so adorable!

    Thank you for my birthday wishes.... and I made it to your blog today!! Yippee!! That there is the perfect birthday gift!

    Kiss that sweet baby Ella bella for me...k? Muuuah!

  4. you continually make me smile. . .love you ness

  5. MMMM. cheez-it's no seriously, one of my favorite snacks ever.

    I actually watched American Idol for like the seecond time in my life last night-- I gotta go with the Aussie guy- I even You tube'd him. Wow.

    Good to run into you today :) ANd your sweet kidlings...

  6. Thanks for participating in our blog makeover challenge. I like your space here. Congratulations on the new baby!

  7. When will we meet her? I cannot believe you're blogging and you just had a baby. I do not understand "baby'. I am so excited though.