Friday, February 01, 2008

The Fruits of Not Being in Labor

The day was already going to be jam packed already...

Non Stress Test at 11
Cooking for my Supper Swap Day during Naptime
Doctor's appointment at 3:30
Delivering Supper Swap Meals to my 3 Swappers
Guys and Dolls in El Cajon at 8 with my sis

I left the house at home at 7:15am and it all had been completely rearranged for me. Plus, I got a prize!

At my non-stress test, I got to sit in an easy chair, strap a baby heartbeat monitor to my belly and relax for about 45 minutes to the soft gallop of the baby's heartbeat. My only job was to push a button every time she moved. It was hard though, my body reaaaaaally liked the east chair.

Afterward they took be back for an ultrasound. I also got to pee in a cup.

Oh yeah, I'm going to be talking a lot about pee today. If it bothers you, go read everything you need to know about finding and wearing the perfect pair of boots.

At the ultrasound, it was discovered that I am low on amniotic fluid. (That's the baby's pee.) I also had a slightly elevated blood pressure reading-which I have never had before in my life. Right before finishing up the ultrasound, the nurse swung the view so I could see sweet baby's face. She looked right at us and made the sweetest sucking movement with her mouth. It made both the nurse and myself cry.

It was shortly after that, when we discovered that I had trace amounts of protein in my urine sample I'd given. Coupling that with everything else, we placed a call to my doctor who decided that since it was only across the street, why don't I run over to Labor and Delivery and have them check things out. But don't forget to stop at the the lab first, they need blood and more pee.

Two cups were handed to me thins time. Listen people, I know I am pregnant and seem to live in the bathroom these days but you have GOT to cut a gal a break!

I called a few key people-freaked the crap out of them and spent most of my time in the waiting room reassuring them that I was pretty sure that-despite the mention of it by my doctor-I probably wasn't going to be induced that day.

Once I made it up to Labor and Delivery-which was hard to find, I have never gone in the front door since I only seem to have babies in the middle of the night once the front doors are locked-I got settled in. They strapped me into another set of monitors, both baby and blood pressure and I was thankful I remembered my book. I got about an hour of peace and quiet with my new book and wondered if it might be kind of fun to have the baby today.

Well, all the tests and things came back and there was no protein in my pee this time, my blood pressure was acting normally and the amniotic fluid wasn't concerning them. I was free to go!

But this glorious visit was not to be easily forgotten. Because, as with all wonderful trips to exciting and unusual locations, I got to take home a souvenir. The Labor and Delivery equivalent of bringing chocolate covered macadamia nuts home from a trip to Hawaii. But this souvenir came with homework as well.

See this?

I have 24 hours to use this. I pee in the white toilet insert, and then, because of the lovely spout at the front, I get to then pour my pee into the jug. Which, by the way, MUST be refrigerated. David refused to allow my jug of pee (do you believe me now? Lots of pee talk. Last chance for cute boot talk!) to enter the refrigerator so the cooler was prepared and lugged upstairs because I was NOT going to walk all the way downstairs to our pee into a jug 3 times in the middle of the night. It settled nicely into our upstairs bathroom.

My 24 hours is now up and tomorrow Lucy and I get to drive down to Labor and Delivery to make a delivery of our own. They will then test it for protein again and we will see where that takes us. And don't think I won't be presenting my jug of pee in class, It will be wrapped up nicely with a bow.

Because while I may be driving around town with over 30 ounces of my own urine, I have been raised correctly and know how to make a proper presentation of a gift.


  1. I am so glad that you and your precious Ella are doing well. I must admit that reading that you got sit, listen to her heart beat, and read, sounded sooooooo relaxing! :) I must say, again, that February 9th is a GREAT day for a birthday! Enjoy these last days of pregnancy! You will be holding your precious little girl soon!

  2. Yes, notice I didn't ONCE complain about the sitting or the reading or the being alone part. It was like a vacation!

  3. Glad all seems well, This was honestly the most entertaining post about Pee I have ever read. LOL

    Blessings my friend

    Don't forget your book!

  4. This was AWESOME! I'd take lots of pee talk any day over that crazy boot lady. =^) I especially love the bow part, because anything can be made special with a little touch from Bethany... even urine.

  5. I only have one thing to say... welcome to my world.

    Okay, two things... what's a supper swap?!

  6. WOW, that's a LOT of pee. . . love you ness

  7. so glad it all turned out ok- thus far!!!!

  8. Been there, done that with two pregnancies! I love the wrapped with a bow idea - you always make me laugh! My baby girl is Ella Katherine - I love the name. And I love your blog!