Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Be Clean and Be Green

Just because Earth Day is over, that doesn't give you the excuse to go out and be wasteful. So please allow me to offer you 1 simple Green Tip to carry you through the year....

Conserve Water: Shower With a Friend

It's fun and you never know what the outcome may be.....even 9 months later.


  1. Just think...if I don't 'conserve water', then I'll be saving the landfills tons by not having to contribute 3 years of diapers to it! :) I'd much rather 'save the landfill' than 'conserve water'!

  2. you are so funny....maybe I'll try this on out.

  3. Here's the thing though... Don't those showers tend to take longer???

  4. I agree with Deanne! I already have two kids contributing to the landfills with diapers, my family doesn't need to contribute anymore! :) You are too funny! I know you and David will ALWAYS be thankful for that shower!