Tuesday, April 29, 2008


You need to read this: One Thing: Stupid is as Stupid Does
I wish I had written it.

When I look around my house I see piles of laundry higher than normal, kitchen floors that used to be white and dishes that need to be washed.

My InBox is loaded up with actual work that needs to be done, my photography site is highly neglected, my e-mail updates to my family far away have been too few and far between.

I think I may have worn the same shirt 3 days in a row, I need to comb my hair and someday I should get all the mail sorted and put away in the right place.

But then, I look in my lap. There is a ball of life smiling, cooing, streching, smacking her lips and grunting. Her fists thrash around in the air at me when she is angry and her toes curl when she is delighted. I spend almost all of my day looking at her. Holding her. Feeding her.

Let the toys go untidied, let the shoes reamin unpaired around the shoe basket, let the dinners be a steady diet of burritos and mac and cheese. Because I am holding an actual moment of time in my arms that I would not give up for anything. Besides, Nathan is here and he wants a peek, Lucy is on the arm of my chair sneaking a kiss and David is standing above me calling out the name of our family's newest obsession...

"Ella...Ella....Ella. We love you."


  1. I find myself grasping at whatever pieces of Garrett's babyhood remain. I almost mourn for the moments that have passed but I try so hard not be so wrapped up in the minutes that are gone that I forget to cherish the ones that are here right now. Those, too, will be gone in the blink of an eye. And even though my college experience made me loathe and despise Into The Woods, I find certain lyrics running through my head. "Let the moment go...don't forget it for a moment though. Just remembering you've had an 'and' when you're back to 'or', makes the 'or' mean more than it did before. Now I understand and it's time to leave the woods." Except, you know, that was about a married woman making out with a Prince but hopefully you get the point. So yah, don't change your shirt. Before you know it Ella will be as big as Garrett and Garrett will be as big as Lucy and Lucy will be as big as Nathan and Nathan will be as big as...as...I don't know, Alyssa.

  2. Stop that! I almost cried!

    Is there not a way to hold onto the sweet, precious moments and forget about the ones that make me want to speed up the clock for when these munchkins move out??! That is what I'd like.

  3. I have been having a very "I CAN'T BELIEVE GARRETT IS STARTING KINDERGARTEN DAY"... so thanks for making me cry. ;)

    Hold tight to all the little moments. They pass far too quickly. It seems like yesterday I was sitting surrounded by tiny pre-schoolers and babies, and my days were spent changing diapers and playing peek - a boo. All that has been traded in for dance lessons, and band, karate, calls from girls, science projects and my last "baby" entering school..

    the laundry will wait... :)

  4. Beautifully Put!

    Enjoy your little bundle for as long as you can!

  5. oh my goodness...
    So beautiful. So beautiful...
    You truly moved me to tears.

  6. *sobs*

    I can so totally relate!