Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"It's MY School Now, Mommy!"

Tuesday was Lucy's first day of (pre) school and we knew things could go one of two ways:
She'd be completely confident


She'd become a sudden new growth attatched to my leg.

Thankfully it was the first one.
She knew the drill: you get your bucket and go out on the front lawn for photos with Mommy.

She would NOT put the bucket down for a full outfit shot.

And why would you put down a bucket that has Sleeping Beauty on it?!

"Take a picture of me by this tree, Mommy!"

David met us at school and Lucy was SO ready. When we pulled into the parking lot Lucy reminded me that this was HER school now. NOT Nathan's anymore! LUCY's school.

Lucy has grabbed Goose to take along with her to school. I told her that today only she could bring him with her and he had to stay in her bucket. This is Goose. Not to be confused with THE Goose-that is the one in the brown shirt and curly hair. Goose is Lucy's "lovey" and he has never left her side. The moment he was first handed to her, she's been carrying him around the same way. When she was smaller, she figured out how to hook his beak on her shoulder and carry him around while still having full use of both hands.

Once we got to the school front doors, Lucy said she didn't need goose anymore. She said Ella could watch him for her. She had a PLAN when she got to her class. She'd been telling me about it since she'd visited last week. She was going to put on the purple princess dress as soon as she got there.

Success! The dress was not taken yet! Lucy had her teacher button her up and she went about setting up a tea party. I had to take Ella to a doctor appointment (she has an ear infection!) so I came over to be sure Lucy was ok.
"Mommy, when are you leaving?"
Yeah, she was fine.

After I picked her up, I got a full report of the full day in the first 3 minutes of our drive home. Completely opposite of Nathan's first day. We were invited over to a friends house for lunch afterward which quickly became the icing on a very good day.

Which one of you gave her permission to grow up?


  1. I didn't!!! I say keep em babies forever!!!

  2. did she grow up so quick? I love that she was so determined to get that purple dress. Girl has her mind set!

  3. Oh my gosh, what an adorable post and Lucy is beyond adorable. both of my kids just pushed me out the door of preschool too.

  4. It sounds like a perfect day- and how cute is she with her sweet goose??!

  5. oh I don't think I could handle sending my clare bear to school as she is definately not allowed to grow up yet!! Lucy is so darling! Glad she had a good day! hope I get to see you soon. I miss you!

  6. Yay for you sweet Lucy goose. These kids grow up so very fast/ :(

  7. She was so ready for this day. I am so happy that everything went JUST as planned down to getting her purple princess dress! Yaaay, for our big to saying goodbye to our little babies.


    Horray, Lucy get's to be a PRINCESS again tomorrow!! Party at the pricess castle!! Can you take pictures?

  8. Daisy also asked me when I was going to leave on her 1st day, too!
    I love your narrations!!!