Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ten-ish On Tuesday...The Catch Up Edition

I have fallen behind on my Lists of Thankfulness and while normally I wouldn't think it was a big deal, I have some people who I missed because I skipped their letters and they deserve to be called out for making my life one to be thankful for. So this is a hybrid, a medley, a roasty sweetness blend (borrowing the description off David's bag of coffee) of the 3 missed letters.

The Letter M:

10. Missy Shell, Mishka, Michelle, Queen Michelle... She knows all the ins and outs of my life. She introduced me to my husband. She has graciously shared holidays and her family with me. She will sing old 80's and 90's KYXY songs with me. She's worn my bra on her head as a hat. Life without her....well, there just is no life without her.

9. Macaroni and Cheese...The Patti LaBelle recipe that I modified to contain so much cheese, it is practically sinful and costs about $50 to make. It is prepared once a year on Thanksgiving and often additionally for my sister's birthday as her present.

8. Mimi's. My favorite place to eat all because of the Buttermilk Spice Muffins. I am getting ready to leave right now to meet a friend there so she can also drown her sadness of sending her lastborn off to Kindergarten today. It was the least I could do. I am such a good friend. I ADORE their cobb salad and their spinach avocado dip is sooo yummy. Also, they are open late so when you have to meet a couple of gals there late at night and you have been having so much fun and suddenly realize they are pulling the cushions out of the booths and cleaning the floors, it's good and late and you have had plenty of time talking.

7. My Mom. She's awesome. She just got married in December and rode off to her honeymoon on the back of a Harley. She has some sort of magical power over my kids and if I were ever sick, she'd come over and rub my head till I fell asleep.

The Letter N:

6. Nathan. Nate the Great. NtG. Puppy. You made me a Mama. You love to snuggle and can fold yourself into the same size you were when you were 1. Laurel and Hardy make you belly laugh. You sing with me at bedtime and you will watch Star Wars all day every day for the rest of your life if I let you. You like every hair on your head to be just right and care very much about your clothes. And I love you fiercely.

5. Noggin. Best channel on all of TV. My kid will probably be the only 6th grader who watches Little Bear over Sponge Bob. And Franklin. And Oswald. We loooove the songs in between and I looooove no commercials. They used to play Miffy and Maisy too but they were rotated out and we haven't really recovered from that. Miss Spider is a sweet show but it just doesn't fill the hole left by a clay bunny who may or may not actually speak and a cartoon mouse who puts on a dress just when you thought she was a boy.

4. Naptime. While I don't get to participate as often as I'd like, I love the peace they bring to the house. I get 1-2 hours a day of no fighting or arguing. I don't have to referee anyone or redirect away from annoying siblings. And arranging it so David can take one on a Saturday or Sunday is a wonderful gift to be able to give him.

The Letter O:

3. Onomatopoeia...a word that makes the sound it describes. And, when used in the past tense, one can say, "That was extremely Onomatopoeious!" And then one could giggle.

2. Oreos...They make me think of my dad. (As do Mother's Brand Oatmeal Cookies.) I like mine Double Stuffed, or I will just make my own and leave all the naked cookies in the package for someone else to eat.

1. Overture...as in the 1812 with the great cannon blasts. Also because it means a show is about to start and I love shows, musicals or anything that considers itself important enough to have music dramatically play beforehand.

All caught up!!
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  1. I love your catch up.. I love that you sat with my sad sack self at breakfast today. "Official Kindergarten panic diffuser"

  2. Thanks for telling the world that I wore your bra as a hat!!! :-)

    Love you!

  3. Clever! i love it... I started it, with "A", back in July and then life blew up...

  4. great list and darling pic of you and nate. hope k is going well for him. hope to see you again soon :)

  5. I can still see Mrs. Schneider my junior year dancing to the tune of Onomatopoeia in front of our class. Side note: Andy was in that class!

  6. Nicely done.

    Noggin IS the best channel EVER! The minute Noggin comes on no matter what my girls are doing or where they are in the house they stop what they are doing, and find there way quietly onto a couch and sit hypnotised for a long time! It's like MAGIC, as if the Pipe Pipper just blew his flute. Awww, quiet.