Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame, For a Ballgame Today!

Last weekend David got 4 Padre Tickets from a friend at work. These were nice seats that David and I had enjoyed in seasons past. Our normal thought would be to pawn the kids off on some unsuspecting kind hearted people to take other grown up friends with us to the game. But, for some reason, we got the wild hair to just take the whole family. The WHOLE family. This includes the 3 year old who can't sit though any length of movie and the 7 month old who screams when she's ready for a nap.

Let's all go to the ballpark!

We had fun.
Strike that.

We had SO MUCH fun! I wish I could write the paes and pages of great stuff but I will spare you the details. Because I have pictures!

There was an Adrian Gonzalez Toothbrush Holder Giveaway...I think Adrian is saying "Brush your teeth, punk!"

Ella and I snuggled in the wrap for most of the game. She loved looking at the scoreboard.

The rest of the time she snuggled with Daddy.

Nate loves baseball!

Ella does too!

Lucy really loved the Padre's Friar Mascot and he came out and danced but then he went away. We talked about where he was and Lucy decided that he was taking a nap. But later, when he didn't come back up she told me, "Mommy, I want to snuggle the Friar."

Oh look! It's naptime!

When the game went into extra innings (you read that right!) David took the kids for a short walk and got a big pretzel for both of them. You can also see the key to us lasting at the game so long: go to a game played by a struggling baseball team the same day your not struggling football team has a game. All the seats around us were open with a few people who were very kind to our kids.

At the end of the game, we wandered down to the field level seats to grab a picture but we were too late. However, one of the ushers called Nathan down and had a game ball for him! The security guard on the field saw Lucy was with him and grabbed a brand new ball for her. The kids were elated.

Here's the wind up! (See Lucy's sassy shoes?)

All in all, this day will go down in my memory with our family memories of Colorado and Reno. We totally took a chance and had an outing as a family of 5.
And we all survived.


  1. Of course now they'll always want to go with you. But it sounds like you had a fantabulous time....awesome!

  2. Did you tell Ella that there is no crying in baseball?!

    We love baseball too! Big time!

  3. Awesome pics. I can't believe how big Lucy is. My only question is: when are you coming back to Reno?

  4. That photo of Ella smiling nearly made me cry, it did my soul good to gaze on her little face. I am so happy for you fabulous whole family experience!

  5. ella is so cute! What a fun family outing. Glad it went well!

  6. ohmygoodness, look at L's shoes- so cute! And Ella is just darling. DARling, seriously. next time, ask the usher if you can have a game bat- I think you're gonna need it with those two girls of yours!

  7. Look at those beautiful Zabs!! All 5 of you. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Why is Ella growing so fast? Oh how I would love some snuggles from those kids.

  8. We just never know when we will have good outings and bad ones! Just have to take chances, I guess. Sometimes they actually pay off--CUTE pics!!!

  9. I love perfect day's like that....simply priceless! I love it that this memory made it up with Colorado, which means this baseball day must of been amazing.

    Yes, love the polka dot shoes.

  10. What awesome pictures! Speaking of ballgames, we're watching the Brewers vs. Cubs right now. I'm from WI, so go Brew Crew! :)