Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Answer Is-of Course-Gene Kelly

My sister and I were raised on musicals. We loved watching all the classics from MGM, the more dancing and singing the better. However, over time, favorites emerged for both of us. Kristy preferred the big Busby Berkley numbers with the ballgowns and large production numbers while my style stuck closer to the "gingham and clambake, lets put on a show" type.

Along with these preferred styles, two distinct favorites were decided upon.
Kristy's favorite was Fred Astaire.
Mine was Gene Kelly.

As we grew older and saw that the other was not seeing the error of her ways by not preferring the clearly superior dancer, the war began. It included everything to her under the breath comment as to the grace of Fred to having Gene Kelly sing every time there she called me. Friends and family were asked to choose: Fred or Gene? We know they are both good but you MUST PICK ONE!

So......Pick one!


  1. GREAT clip! I've never seen Ziegfeld Follies, but now it's definitely going on the Must Watch Before I Die List.
    Oh, this is SO HARD to choose! I honestly do like both, but if I had to choose.... Well, I did just put Gene Kelly on my latest Ten on Tues List, describing him as "Mr. Mc Dreamy of old school Hollywood." I think I like him b/c his athletic, yet graceful style reminds me of my dad, who is also a fantabulous dancer.

  2. Gaaaaaaaasp! BUTTERCUP!!!!! Fred Astaire has more class, grace, and talent in his LITTLE FINGER then Gene has EVER HAD!!!! Beth only likes Gene because he's slightly cuter. But FRED...sigh...Fred has more then good looks, he's...amazing... I can't beleive you blogged about this!! Oh it's so on. Check out MY blog in a few days SISTER!

  3. I knowwwwww! I was so torn - you don't even know! They are both SUPER talented, but Gene is super cute & more athletic looking, which is more my type. I'm so sorry, Red. I hope we can still hang out... *sigh* But I'm so curious now to read your blog rebuttal to this post;)

  4. This is an awesome war! Why have I not heard about it before?! Anyway, I would say that they are not on equal footing. If we're talking pure, straight, unadulterated dance technique and form, I think everyone would agree that Fred Astaire wins. But if we're talking overall charm, charisma, cuteness, and a heck-of-a-lot-of dance talent as well, Gene Kelly definitely wins that. So there really is no war, you see? They're in totally separate playing fields.

    (If you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose, I'd pick Gene.) (Sorry, Kristy.) (Sincerely.) (I just think he's super-cute with his little dimples and his tap-dancing and such.) (I am also a huge Astaire fan, so maybe I won't be excommunicated completely.) (With any luck.)

  5. Ok ok... this has tormented me since I was a young girl... I have seriously gone back and forth over who was "better" since I was little and I could never wuite decide. My best friend and I anaylzed them often, especially after watching Brigadoon and the Gay Divorcee...

    Fred - much better voice than Gene and hands-down a better tap-dancer.
    Gene - so darn cute! And better at more of the ballet/sweep-you-off-your-feel type of dancing (what shouId I call that?) ...Although Fred is a pretty great ballroom dancer, especially when paired with his sweetie Ginger...sigh.

    As I was watching the video above, I came down to two things... they are both incredible... but due to their builds they have obvously different executions in their tap... Gene is like butter... smooth. Fred is like rubber...bending every which way and making it look effortless. Both move exceptionally well, just differently.

    But the question wasn't who's cuter or who has the better voice.. am I right, Bethany? ...Who is the better dancer overall? To be perfectly honest and trying to put all dance style preferences aside, I am going to have to go with Kristy and say FRED. Yes, Fred wins in my book. He's kinda goofy, tall, and lanky, but man is he one fine dancer. :) Sorry, Bethany! Do you still like me?

  6. Fred. All day long, it's Fred.

    I get the sense that with Gene, I'd have a nice, smooth, technical dance.

    With Fred, I'd have the most fun dancing that I'd ever had and I'd never want to stop. He is so athletic and energetic; he puts his whole being into his dancing.

    Yep. Fred.

  7. Okay, so what WAS the original question? Because sometimes you say better dancer, sometimes you say favorite. I still hold to my other answer: My overall fav is definitely Gene, but if we're just judging the "better dancer", I would have to say Fred. But as for what Missy Shell said, I politely (esp. since I don't know you!) :) disagree. I think that Astaire was a pain in the hiney to work with because he was SUCH a perfectionist, but Kelly seems like he would have just been one of those guys who was so smooth and suave and always cracking everyone else up. He seems like he would have basically been his character in real life. These are my opinions. You can hate me if you want. I'm comfortable with that. :)

  8. I hate to agree with you about Fred, Christie, but you are right. Sources say he WAS a perfectionist and was harsh with those he danced with if they didn't "cut" it. (I think of his character in Easter Parade... that about covers it.). But because of that perfectionistic attitude, it DID make him the superior dancer!!

  9. According to Tales To Inspire by the Bathroom Reader's Institute, Paramount Pictures once made the following assessment after an early audition by Fred Astaire: "Balding, skinny, can dance a little." Sorry Kristy :)

  10. Not to burst your bubble, but neither tickle my fancy. Give me Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Bojangles, Sammy Davis Jr. or any other, but not those two.