Monday, January 12, 2009


Momsomnia: The act of staying up past the rest of your family to get about a million things done without anyone else bothering you. Activities can include house cleaning, cooking, correspondence or simply surfing the internet.

Upside includes: Completed tasks. Time alone. Blogs written. Cupcakes iced.

Downside: Grouchy mom in the morning. Dark under-eye circles even at the youthful age of 31.

I have had a number of Momsomnia nights this past week and expect a few more since it is currently Birthday Season here at Zab Central. We have traded in one 3 year old girl for a 4 year old young lady and it has been a whirlwind of a birthday so far. The fun is not over with a party tomorrow and a class party on Tuesday. I am a cupcake icing machine!

Four looks good on her, doesn't it?


  1. adorable!

    thank you for naming this. This is seriously, my life... I sit here and think "Back when I was a working girl, with no one calling me Momma, I had NO issues with mornings. What the heck happened???"
    Apparently Momsomnia...

    but could i live without my nights?

  2. THe 4-year-old version is simply adorable, too!

  3. It gets better...then worse again, then better, and then they leave. (And then they might come back)...

  4. i'm so glad to finally have a name for this problem. momsomnia, that's it exactly. :)

  5. I abosolutely have this condition... it's the only time we moms have to ourselves in our own house! From the moment our eyes open, we are taking care of someone, so it is sooooo nice to be alone and not be taking care of anyone. Why would I waste that precious time in an unconscious state?