Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I am not in much of a mood to write tonight but I am incredibly thankful.

I have been handed some yucky news today. But in the grand scheme of things, this news is merely a change in life. So as I sat here at the computer, looking to soak in the blogs I read regularly, I started with my first read every day and found it was her regular Tuesday Thankful list.

I need to list reasons I am thankful. I need to remember that even though my problem might not change, there is so much more that God has for me. So much more that He wants for me and has given me.

So even more for me than for you, here are only 10...and I'd love to see your thankful lists too. You can be a part of this over at my dear friend Crayl's Spot at Beyond Black and White.

10. My 3 + Nephew kids are healthy. Happy. Adorable. Loving. Smart. (Too smart, sometimes.) Hilarious. Wonderful.

9. My husband has been with me for almost 13 years. He has been faithful to me in some of the toughest times a marriage could endure. And he is my rock even now.

8. I have a home. It has walls that keep the cold out. It has a roof that keeps the rain out. It has enough rooms and space for everyone. It is not infested with unhealthy bacteria or poison or rodents.

7. My husband has a job. They like him there and he has survived many cutbacks. He works hard and I am able to stay home with our kids.

6. I have a car that is reliable and works. It is comfortable, affordable and the right size for my large family-especially when we have all 4 kids in tow.

5. I have friends who reach out to me when I am hurting. They are busy. Some of them have even more going on than I do but they text, call and e-mail me to see if I am okay. To pray for me and encourage me. I don't deserve them.

4. Popcorn. I sat and shared with with my neighbors today who watched my kiddos while I was at a doctor's appointment. We sat. We ate. We played with Ella and watched TV. And it was exactly what I needed.

3. Mario Kart. It has been my "go to" game when I want to just kind of zone out. David is waiting right now to play. It will be just the right medicine for me also.

2. A place to write. To express myself, attempt to be funny and connect with people. I am thankful for all you people.

Finally, and mot importantly.....

1. I have a relationship with God the Father who has a plan for me. He loves me and allows things to happen to me knowing that if I draw myself close to Him, we will walk through it together. He has never failed me before and we have walked through some very tough times.

Number One is something we all need. If you don't have that relationship with God, I would love to talk to you about it. I am no expert of Bible Theology but I know my story and I know what has happened to me and I know that I am able to walk through tough times and have Hope for the future. And I would love to share that Hope with you.


  1. I love you, adore you, and blessed blessed beyond words that you are my friend. I am here for you always, and I love your thankful list. It truly brought tears to my eyes. You are amazing, and God has a plan for you, a very special, wonderful plan.

    You are FABULOUS (and so is popcorn :) )

  2. Now we are even


    Words of life, love, truth

  3. well versed ...but you always are

  4. despite not being real life friends, this truly touched me. I'm stuck in my own sour place, and really I probably have no reason to be here... And your post, it really got in there and moved me. Whatever your problem, know you are in my prayers. It sounds like you have some very wonderful friends who keep you surrounded and feeling loved. That is such a wonderful gift!

    Beautiful list...

  5. You are a neat lady, Bethany. Thanks for this beautiful post. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I will see you tomorrow.

  6. Amen for your list and Amen for your faith. Last year when I went through my tough time with my mom it was keeping sight of Christ that carried me through.

    I really love the vision I believe that God gave me because it helped me to refocus. During my roughest times I saw myself on that boat in which Jesus and his disciples were in when the storm hit. The disciples panic, but Jesus slept. I saw myself there too, but instead of panicing I laid down next to Jesus and held on to him.

    There may be a "storm" outside sometimes, but when you hold on to faith in Christ you will survive to see the rainbow.