Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How Did I Do This Again?

Hi! How are you? Happy 2009 Already!

I know, it has been weeks since I blogged but I have happily been busy. Doing the Family thing. The Friends thing. The Photographer thing. The Drama Director thing. The Facebook thing. (Facebook has become such a part of my life, it gets its own "thing" status.)

Now, were I your average blogger, I would recant all of these things for you. I'd include some amazing pictures in the snow as well as cute Christmas anecdotes. The cockles of your heart would be warned to such an extent, you would think it was Christmas all over again. You would tear up at the preciousness of my kids, laugh at the hilarity of myself and cheer for the non-doghouse Christmas present my hubby gave this year.

But, dear readers, I am not your average blogger.
Instead, I will stay true with the unofficial theme of my blog which would be: self deprecating humor. Ready? Okay!

The baby was up last night after falling asleep at 4:00pm and staying asleep well into bedtime. She's had a high fever and we just left her alone. But, of course, she didn't stay asleep because somehow she knew that Mommy was looking for a decent bedtime for the first time all year. No worries, at least she's cute. We played, tired her out and were back in bed at 1:30. We won't talk about her other times of being awake that night (3! THREE other times!) instead we will simply state the following: Mommy was tired.

We woke up in time for school, we dropped off, we ran errands, we consumed Venti Soy Green Tea Lattes (and enjoy the new "recipe") and came home for morning naptime for Ella. As soon as she was down and Lucy had a plate of lunch in front of her and a movie on, I took my favorite position on the couch: with my old bedspread my mom made me my sophomore year in high school and one of the big purple floor pillows...and I was horizontal. Ahhhh.

At some point, Lucy turned off the TV and climbed on the couch to snuggle with me. And then at some point, my consciousness went for a walk or something because it was about THREE HOURS LATER that I woke up to blink at the clock and realize that the time for leaving to get Nathan had passed. In fact the time for Nathan to walk out of his classroom had ALSO passed. And I was now 10 minutes late! I woke up Lucy, called the school, stumbled around a little and woke up the sleeping baby. We got to school only 15 minutes late and Nathan was in the office. He didn't seem to care but I think my post nap appearance startled the kind assistant in the office who didn't really want to hand my kid over to this sleepy, disheveled lady. I don't blame you, lady. I wouldn't do it either.

So I guess I have to go looking for another school again?

There you go. Happy New Year.
Want to know something great? That isn't even my most embarrassing moment of 2009 so far! THAT one will be coming soon. I will use it to break up the monotony of Christmas stories and sledding in Reno pictures.

I think stories like this will be given their own category: are you not entertained?


  1. I so feel your pain! I had something to take care of today, and I was just a coule minutes late picking up the boys. Joshua totally was crying and I asked his teacher what was wrong and she told me he thought I left him. It broke my heart. As for Nate's school, they HAVE to know how exhausted you are. Heck, I don't even have a baby and I don't do half the work you do and I am SO ready for a two day nap. I think they know you're a good mom! I'm glad Nate wasn't upset.

  2. oh goodness. I have such a fear of not being there for my kid when I'm supposed to be.

    I love your hilarity. Keepin' it real.

  3. You are so funny my friend!!! I love it.

  4. awesome story. Glad you got a nap in! I was going to write a story here but it was too long so it is now on MY blog. Along with some other bad parenting stories of my recent past!

  5. I am completely perplexed and curious as to what else has happened in the last 7 days...

  6. I totally did the same thing when Liv was in preschool. Insanely embarrassing.

  7. a mouthfull... you poor girl...

    but really, facebook should have it's own thing.