Saturday, March 14, 2009

And They Lived.

The end of yesterdays fairy tale?

I ended up picking Nathan's bed but I didn't sleep. I kept hearing weird noises and was even sure someone was IN my house! (I heard him talking!) The bed wasn't comfy and it turns out that after allllll that, Lucy NEVER WENT BACK TO SLEEP. She tossed and turned and begged the Not So Sleeping Soundly Anymore Daddy Bear (ha!) for water so she was kicked out back into HER room where she played (the weird noises I was hearing-and incredible mess discovered the next morning) and turned on a CD from her brother's AWANA book (that was 
the man's voice I thought I heard-reading scripture) and by the time we all were up, my little girl had a slightly manic crazy-eyed look about her. Seriously. Crazy.

We considered skipping school but then there was a very possible chance that I wouldn't have had such a nice title for this post so when I dropped off the bundle of unslept energy with her teacher, I gave the teacher a heads up, wished her luck and vowed to not answer my cell phone if the school was on the other end of the line. (That last part I kept to myself.)

The moral of the strory?
Don't have kids.

No! I'm kidding.

The moral is that in my next life, I am coming back as a Papa Bear.


  1. But papa bears have to work all day, and not get to have tea parties, and BLOG during the day...

    Yet, it still looks like the better option.
    Option 3.
    Marry an insomniac. It works out to your advantage when the children are up in the middle of the night.

  2. Yes! I would also like to back as Papa Bear...

  3. I want to come back as Smokey the bear(the dog Eagle) but I digress...

  4. FYI, this picture(s) is my new desktop at work.