Friday, March 13, 2009

Daddy Bear Gets All the Sleep

Once upon a time (because that is how all good stories begin) there was a young-ish (almost 32 is still young, right?) lady named Goldi-Mommy (because she liked to think she was not only young but also had gold toned blonde hair.) She was also known for her overuse of parenthesis and promised to stop it right now.

Goldi-Mommy snuggled into her perfectly sized bed and began an expected evening of slumber but when she was awoken by crying, she rose from her rest and helped the lovely Lucy Bear recover from a bad dream. It was then the Goldi-Mommy found herself in a bed that was too soft.

The Nathan Bear woke up and he had also had a bad dream. Goldi-Mommy, fearing that the Nathan Bear might wake up the sweet Baby Ella Bear also in the room, sent him to the Sound Asleep and Snoring Daddy Bear. Goldi-Mommy curled up with the Lucy Bear and snuggled her almost back to sleep when....

Baby Ella Bear awoke! And she SAW the Goldi-Mommy in her Sister Bear's bed! That was deemed unacceptable by the Baby Bear who roared for Goldi-Mommy's attention. Goldi-Mommy quickly patted the Baby Bear and sang to her as she shooed the Lucy Bear into the room with the STILL Sound Asleep and Snoring Daddy Bear. 

Once the Baby Bear was calmed down (but still roaring a little) Goldi-Mommy had to wake up the Snoring Daddy Bear to get all the Bears arranged the right way and the once perfectly sized bed was now too crowded and squishy with Little Bear bodies.

Goldi-Mommy found herself without a bed. The Perfectly Sized one was too crowded. Lucy Bear's was too soft and too close to the Baby Bear. Nathan's Bear's was too hard and the sofa downstairs was too far away for the sleepy Goldi-Mommy.

As she stood in the hallway, pondering her predicament (and pleased with her perfect performance of alliteration) the Goldi-Mommy decided she was tired.

And at 3:45 in the morning Goldi-Mommy just.......




  1. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have you back in blogland?

  2. Yes, it really is better that you are back and letting us back into your daily goings-on. It makes computer time exciting! Really!

  3. I ALways love ALLIteration!!! You're the best at it. EVER.