Monday, October 26, 2009

Making Up

I'm sorry.
Can we be okay again? I will go back to the writing the happy and sometimes funny and occasionally inspiring things and you can go back to the reading and the commenting and the loving me again?

Find someone to hug you. Because if you were here with me, we would not only be watching 30 Rock from last week and eating candy pumpkins but I would also hug you. Because I am a hugger and I give exceptional hugs. (It's all my squishy padding.)

So, are we cool?
I feel so much better.

So.....I am totally doing this again.

I know what you are thinking: Really Bethany? Even though lately you aren' much with the words?
But, I have always done it and I am one of those people who LOVE traditions and I want to stick with this one.

If you are looking for time to kill, you can see my offerings for NaBloPoMo 2008 and NaBloPoMo 2007

Now, before I go, I leave you with this set of images...its Nathan and Ella riding on a tricycle and it is super duper cute.


  1. A hug would be stupendous!

    I was just thinking about NoBloPoMo... and wondering if we had another year in us.

    You are oh so very right, those kiddos arre super duper de duper cute. :)

  2. well, you know, I'd totally take you up on the 30 Rock thing because, quite honestly, I am just so happy it's back.
    Plus, you could have all of the candy.

    So I guess we're cool...

  3. Signed up last night, block or no block...bring it! :)

  4. You and me, girl. We have GOT this thing!