Monday, October 05, 2009

Mommy Doesn't Eat Dead Grapes.

The bag comes home and everyone rejoices.

David and Nathan usually rejoice with a similar "Yeah!" and Lucy squeeks while Ella just points and grunts (she is still a baby after all.) I get the scooper and open the bag while Nathan or Lucy help me get little plastic bowls for everyone.

Everyone usually gets 2-3 scoops. and the bowls are handed out. Only Ella's needs some removing of a few things that she can't quite chew yet.

We all sit at the table and crunch. and crunch. And talk (sometimes with our mouths full) and crunch. After a few minutes, it begins......

"Mommy, can I have your raisins?"

"Nathan, I will take all your cashews-I do not understand why you don't like them!"

"Daddy, Ella is saying 'More,' I think she wants more raisins."

"Lucy don't forget, no more M&M's for you, they are dairy. Want a bunch of my peanuts instead?"

"Daddy, can I have some of your--" "No, Daddy eats all the stuff in his."

We are a family of 5.
Ella can only eat the raisins.
Lucy eats the nuts and raisins.
Nathan will eat peanuts and M&M's.
Mommy eats everything BUT the raisins.
Daddy eats it all.

It makes me smile how a bag of Trail Mix from Costco can bring our family together.


  1. thats super cute! and you guys just balance each other perfectly!

  2. So cute! That stuff is so super yummy!

    I would eat it all, Jared would eat the nuts & M&M's, Ashlyn would eat the M&M's, Daniel would eat the nuts & Ryan hasn't had it yet but he'd eat it all if I let him LOL

  3. Love it! You've got it right Beth, everything but the raisins! They should come out with a mix w/o raisins, so i can stop picking through the bag in order to avoid them.

  4. YES. Costco trail mix is a special weakness of mine. I like one part raisin to one part m&m, and I like the almonds. This is making me hungry.