Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Incredible Spreadable

You know how standing in your garage with the door closed feels like you are in a secure and insulated room in your own house? And then, after needing to raise your voice and use very strong and stern words with a certain 3 year old tyrant, you remember that being in the garage is almost like being outside and that anyone standing near your garage got to hear you have to carry a kicking and screaming 3 year old out to the car so you would get the big kids to school on time?

Might I also add to the scenario that as soon as you open your garage door and pull your car out, you see 2 of your nearest neighbors. One is loading up their own child to go to school and one, while collecting his mail, gives you a VERY knowing smile and wave that only confirms that he heard EVERYTHING.

The 3 year old might attempt to scream during the drive and that is when you repossess a toy (as you said you would) since she didn't calm down. But to remove that toy, you, in your jammies, will have to get OUT of the car and exchange smiles and waves with 2 OTHER neighbors around the corner.

When you arrive home after successfully getting big kids to school and you now have a 3 year old who has very quickly adjusted her attitude because she has remembered that Mama Means Business, you will find that the only way to get past the start of your day is to butter up two extra soft and squishy Hawaiian Rolls. Which leads me to today's topic:

Things I Like to Spread on Hawaiian Rolls

Butter....always butter. I really don't like my rolls heated and I prefer the butter cold-but spreadable. I know that's a little odd but it is just how I like it.

Whipped Cream Cheese. It has to be whipped because otherwise it will tear the roll. I am not usually a fan of whipped cream cheese except for dumping into Neighbor Salsa but the sweet of the roll and the tang of the cream cheese just work together.

Avocado....with turkey. (I know, you can't spread turkey but the Avocado is the more important of those two items.)

Homemade sliders with cheeeeeese.

Honey with a little butter. If you do have to warm the roll, a little melted butter with a little honey is nice. Don't over honey the roll like you can for a piece of sourdough toast.

I guess, after the morning I had this morning, I should add one more thing...



  1. Mmmm...butter is definitely my #1 choice. Slightly saltyish against the sweetness of the Hawaiian Roll...that used to be my go-to treat for myself.

  2. DH and I are talking about when we want to try for kids...I can only imagine mornings like that. For now, I'm the one who gets to watch, smile, and wave :)