Friday, October 28, 2011

We're Fine. We're All Fine Here Now, Thank You. How Are You?

I am in the middle of a discussion with my procrastinating 8 year old about his Halloween Costume.
(I totally allowed it since his Costume Designing Mother (CDM) is a procrastinator too.)
We have suspended the conversation so he could go downstairs and get ready for school...and possibly so the CDM could cool down.

See Nate had the awesome idea of being the Pied Piper about 2 months ago. It came because he was learning to play the recorder at school and since the CDM (or the DWHBLOHSFESRSM in this part of the story.... the Doesn't Want Her Brains Leaking Out of Her Skull From the Ear Splitting Recorder Sounds Mother) wouldn't allow him to play the recorder in the house as much as he wanted, he brilliantly thought of the Halloween Loophole.

CDM jumped on the idea! It was so creative, so fun to make! AND, how about we get rats and mice that we tie to fishing twine and they follow the Pied Piper Nate around! Brilliant!

But then Nate changed his mind. "What if people don't know what it is?" "What if people laugh at me?" We were off on a new costume hunt.

But then we got distracted and forgot or didn't have good ideas. Now it is Friday before Halloween and today is THE LAST DAY that CDM will be shopping for Halloween Costume Pieces.

Then it hits her: Han Solo! Nathan would make a GREAT Han Solo! He's got the scruffy hair ("Whos 'scruffy-lookin?'") and the costume requires things CDM can easily pick up at Target. Winner winner Chicken Dinner!

We discuss it, he is intrigued. Then he asks about Luke Skywalker, could he be Luke? What about Qui Gon Jinn? We Google Images some costumes and he sees that even the Amazing CDM can't pull that off with only a few hours to go. And CDM asks,

"What's wrong with being HAN SOLO?"

And Nathan answers....


Did he just "Eh" HAN SOLO?!

CDM is trying to hold herself together.

He stands up and goes downstairs to eat his breakfast and I call out after him, "Don't you know that Han Solo is the COOLEST?!"

No response from the 8 year old who clearly hit his head and is suffering from a concussion or something mind altering.

"Can YOU make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?!"

By then I think he was downstairs.

You know, he might not like Slurpees (seriously?) or any drink with carbonation (I mean, c'mon!) but I don't know if I can allow this Han Solo Complacency to remain unchecked in my home. It might turn into an epidemic.


  1. I weep for this generation.

  2. he is CLEARLY not your son! and wow this is bad, I mean I'm not sure I want to associate with him anymore. punk!

  3. His hair is kinda more Luke than Han...but I am saddened by his lack of enthusiasm for's just sad.