Tuesday, November 01, 2011

No Priest Necessary

So I am going to NaBloPoMo it up the month of November which means that I simply will be dumping the contents of my brain in written form right in this here Internet page. (If you have EVER even CONSIDERED writing a blog, you should join me in this!! You can still sign up right here!)

I have decided that this month we will be sharing the occasional confession. And by "we," I mean "me." And by "share," I mean "force upon you to read." And by "confession," I mean, well, "confession."

Confession Number Uno:

Lately I have been walking a fairly rebellious line and NOT PUTTING ON MY SEAT BELT TILL I AM ACTUALLY DRIVING.

(I didn't say the confessions would be interesting or tantalizing.)

I don't really know when this happened but suddenly, I find that I will be all the way out at the stop sign by my house before I put it on or pulling out of the driveway of the store I was in and then I "click." And it isn't like I am forgetful, no, this is a CHOICE. And when I am driving, sometimes at the breakneck speed of 8 miles per hour, I feel......BAD. Like Arthur Fonzarelli bad. Somewhere between walking late into class on purpose and stealing an extra milk carton in the cafeteria line bad.

I cannot figure out where this terribly rebellious streak came from. I was never a kid that broke the rules a whole lot. I mean, one time, I stayed out past curfew, sneaked* back in the house and made my sister promise to not tell our folks because I was over at a friends house PLAYING SCATTERGORIES. And no, that is not a metaphor for something like mixing Jolt Cola and Pop Rocks in the parking lot behind the school. I am talking about the Board Game. And I probably won.

For now, I am just allowing this little indulgence. We will see how far I take it. I know, I know, it isn't safe to skip the seat belt and I am sure that I could match your seat belt horror story with the one I always tell my kids about the boy in my second grade class at Mark Twain Elementary who was thrown out of the window of his parents' van when he wasn't wearing his seat belt and came back to school weeks and weeks later with a different face. I don't think I will need an intervention and viewing of multiple episodes of Red Asphalt.** Just allow me this little rebellion for the time being and eventually I will move on to something else. Like not returning my shopping cart or not wiping down the exercise machine after I use it. (Oh who am I kidding, I don't sweat! Or exercise!)

Besides, this is a safe place, right? And confession is good for the blog.

*= Spellcheck didn't appreciate my use of the word "snuck" and yet I was so sure that I had not misspelled it so I looked it up and found this shocking history of the use of the word "snuck!"

**= Did you know they were still making sequels to this movie even in 2006?!


  1. I had NO idea about "snuck"...or "slinked" for that matter. Shocking.

  2. Yeah, I'm guilty of that too. I never really thought much of it...until I noticed my newly driving son developing the same tendency. Now it feels different. Less of an innocent rebellion and more of a "Holy Crap! Put your seat belt on before you drive away!" :-)

  3. not putting on your seatbelt until your at the stop sign??!?!?!?!! *gasp!!!* scandalous!

  4. Oh dear. I've been entirely too guilty of this lately, too. And, what's worse, is I've let my children not wear their seat belts on our way to the Chapel since it's sneezing distance from our house. And. P.S. I really really like the confessions part, can I borrow that for November, too??!

  5. 1. Do not invite me to read your blog then write you aren't wearing your seat belt.

    2. Why can't I remember if your sister told.