Monday, November 02, 2015

Let Us Not Grow Weary....

There is always someone around you in need of help. 

A friend had a hard day, a neighbor with a parent who is ill, a family at school who lost a job. 

But what do you do when all of these people not only need help but need YOUR help? How do you respond? 

There is the logical answer of "Boundaries" and "You can only do so much, God will do the rest."

The other side of that is to throw every bit of yourself into helping and hope that someone will pour help back into you or the family you may be sacrificing will understand.

I have gone both ways before. I have scrolled quickly past requests for help on Facebook or bookmarked a Meal Train website but never returned to sign up to bring a meal. I have decided a family probably doesn't need help and they can manage themselves. I have offered to bring a meal  only when what was really needed was one on one time. 

And I have cooked a full meal for a family and driven it across town while my family ate leftovers and frozen taquitos. I have brought on extra kids and made it so my children didn't get the help with homework they needed 

No matter which path I choose, I find myself weary. Burnt out. Feeling put upon. 

So, what's the solution? 

My experience has shown me that it's only when I am helping where God has led me that I am able to give without becoming weary. Running away from helping or setting up false fences around myself isn't being obedient to what God is calling me to do. Likewise, over committing and neglecting to minister to my family before helping others is also a disobedience of God's calling-especially as a mother. 

Our acts of kindness lose their full effectiveness and depth of meaning when they are not offered at God's urging

Therefore, the next time you see a place to step in and help someone, take a beat. Examine your heart. Is your hesitation or eagerness to help a directive from God? Or is He leading you to action that will not only show His Love but also put you in a position to reap that goodness back into your life?

Go forth with confidence, Dear Friends. God is ready to accomplish His work through you and will not leave you weary. 

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