Sunday, November 01, 2015


Because I love you, the faithful reader of my unfaithful blog, I have decided to start off this NaBloPoMo with a Public Service Announcement.....

Whilst cooking and turning on the oven, be careful to avoid bumping the crock pot that is sitting on the stove. For bumping that crock pot might mean you have bumped a stove top burner into an "on" position. 

And then the smoke may begin. 
Which would then be followed by a smoke detector making a most unfriendly sound. 

Upon investigation, you might then discover that the burner that was bumped on has melted the foot of the crock pot completely off. And you may be forced to right the crock pot tilt with a metal tulip cookie cutter. 

Just, don't. 


  1. So you're saying that now you've got your own three-legged queso pot??

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