Thursday, June 29, 2006

Give and Take

8:15pm, Wednesday Night
Mommy: Nathan, today you are getting...a NEW BED!
Nathan: Will it go inside my race car bed, Mommy?
Mommy: (gulp) No, your race car bed is going bye bye.
Nathan: Mommy, I think I like my new bed.
Mommy: *Serious sigh of relief*

10 minutes pass

Nathan: Mommy, I don't think I like my new bed. I like my race car bed.
Mommy: *uh oh!* But Nathan, there is a little boy who is too small for his crib that needs your race car bed. (You know, all those poor starving children in Africa who need race car beds??)
Nathan: There is?
Mommy: Yes, do you remember when you got your race car bed? What kind of face did you make?
Nathan: This kind!

Mommy: Do you think that little boy who gets your race car bed will have that kind of face?
Nathan: No, Mommy he will have this kind. *giggles*

5:55am, Thursday Morning
Nathan: Daddy, I think that boy will like my race car bed.
Daddy: That's so great Nate, now will you please go away?

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