Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Welcome Home Honey! Look at this Hunk of an Australian Man I Got For You!

David and I have taken to watching a show on TLC in the evenings called Take Home Chef. The premise is that a professional chef approaches someone in the grocery store, goes home with them and helps them make a gourmet meal for their loved one(s). He pays for the groceries and often stops along the way to buy a specialty pot or pan.

The premise is an interesting one and a nice thing to think about. (If the chef was paying for my groceries, would he mind if I threw in some necessities like fruit snacks, juice boxes, Cheerios and Diet Coke? We are running a little low at the ZabManor.) But what keeps us coming back night after night is the final reveal.

Imagine you are a hard working husband, your wife has been calling you every 10 minutes to find out when you are coming home. You walk in the door and find a handsome Aussie standing next to your wife like he is her best friend. You put your computer down, keys and wallet in their place and-on camera-find out this good looking, towering man spent the ENTIRE DAY with your wife, in your home cooking and drinking wine with her. "Mr. So-and-so, why don't you sit down and eat the delicious meal your wife worked so hard to prepare?"

We have seen many episodes of the show and the husband's look is the same each time: "Who the #$&*@ is this guy and what that the $&%@* is he doing in my house?"

David told me that if the Take Home Chef ever offers to buy my groceries and cook me dinner, I am to say no. I think instead, I will just work on a code: "Hi Sweetie! I was wondering when you were coming home for dinner? 6:00pm? OK, sounds good. I am making something special for you." That statement alone will let him know something is up.

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