Friday, June 02, 2006

Raising Him to Be Just Like Me...Only Better!

I was awoken in the sweetest of ways this morning.

I should state that I am usually NOT awoken in a nice way. I usually wake up because I have become a road for cars or trains and that road is going through some sort of a forest that is my head and my hair is suddenly gripping tiny little Hot Wheels and not letting go. The other day, I swore I was going to be bald by the time I am 35.

But today was different. I heard footsteps but they didn't come and jump on my bed. Instead, they started digging through my night stand. (I pretended to be asleep-I wanted to see what was going to happen next. "3 Year Old Performs Acupuncture on Mother While She Sleeps," perhaps?) I heard the voice my sweet Nathan uses when hes talking to his imaginary friend Karia (pronounced care-ee-uh) and he was talking about the GIANT pencil he pulled out of my nightstand drawer (don't ask why it was in there) and then about the regular pencil he also found.

Then he looks for paper on the nightstand. He talks and says he is writing a note to Mommy. He scribbles on the paper he finds and slides it under my pillow. But wait! He found an envelope! The small hand that I love so much slipped under my pillow and took back his note. He climbed up onto the bed and colored and drew on the new envelope and then proceeded to put the note into the envelope. Luckily for this nice tender Hallmark moment, I "woke up" at the very moment my son's frustration reached a pinnacle and this whole beautiful picture explodes with the Frustration of a Toddler. (Come on Moms-Holla Back Now)

He had two envelopes, one much larger than the other and was trying to fit the big one inside the little one. I showed him how to FOLD. And he thought that FOLDING was the coolest thing since Kraft Easy Mac. We then spent the next few minutes FOLDING. I showed him techniques and lining up corners and was pleased that he would not settle for a messy fold.

Ahhh, my quest for raising the "Anal-Retentive Toddler" is shaping just as I planned! Look out Pre School teachers!! MWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! (that was my evil laugh)


  1. oh how sweet!!! That is awesome!

  2. Is this one of the great things I get to look forward to with my boys? I don't know how it is with little girls (you are one of those lucky ones) but I know my little boy loves his mommy. I can't wait for moments like that. For now, I am just on a cloud when I can get a kiss. (I have had 3 out of the blue for no reason, otherwise he doesn't give them out). :)

  3. Ahhhhh, the folds were neat and tidy, that makes me happy, now only if "Dooce" would turn her dogs collar over, then Alyssa would stop twitching...

  4. That is a very nice way to be woken up. I'm glad that you shared it.