Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rejoice in Tortillas Always and Again I Say Rejoice!

Members of the church of "Filling the Price Club Comment Box With Complaints About The New Stupid Rubio’s Tortillas Until They Wise Up and Bring Back Porkyland" we can rejoice. For when I visited my local Price Club, the tortillas of the Devil were nowhere to be seen.

Instead, I saw......

You may now return to your regular tortillas eating ways and this period in our short lived religion will be referred to-officially-as "The Dark Period."

Speaking of going dark, this blogger will be on a little vacation having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. Of course, I will have to suffer baptism by fire (also known as 2 days of caravan-ing with 2 other families and 5 toddlers under the age of 3 1/2) before I reach my Promised Land (also known as Colorado) but this is a small price to pay for so much fun.

While I am gone, I leave you with 2 challenges (following in the footsteps of my Beloved AC.)

  1. Hubby and I are looking for a name for our photography business. We would like it to be interesting and have maybe a second-and deeper-meaning. Since you all are deep people (I mean, you wouldn't call me your favorite blogger if you weren't. And I AM your favorite, RIGHT?!?!?) I thought maybe I would open the comments to some suggestions for a name. Please also explain the meaning. Whoever suggests one that we end up using will get a free photo session with yours truly (your favorite blogger, remember?)
  2. I love haiku. It is an odd family obsession. My favorite kind of haiku is when it is about an unexpected subject. So that is your challenge...write an unexpected haiku. You may follow the standard 5-7-5 syllable format or-if you are feeling especially brave-try the 3-5-3 syllable format. For example:

Can of Diet Coke
Sitting here on my counter
Why are you empty?

So there you go! Let the fun begin!!


  1. You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me!!!!

  2. Zab family
    Why are you out of CA?
    the air is heavy