Monday, June 11, 2007

Week of Joy (8 Hours Late)

10 Things that Brought Me Joy This Week (Join the fun!)

10. Date on Friday night with my sweetie. I thought I'd forgotten what he looks like. Know what? He is super cute!


9. I get to SING! With THIS MUSICAL GENIUS! If any of you are attending the Saddleback Worship Conference, look for me on stage Tuesday at 3! I think I might ask him if I can bring the shaker too, then I will be both a singer AND musician!


8. Thursday Family Dinner @ Denny's...we have been doing this every Thursday night for awhile now and I look forward to it so much! My family, my sister, my mom and my Gma...the kids get better behaved every week too, which is even cooler.


7. A GREAT sketch Sunday morning in church! Amy memorized her lines in only a handful of days (saving the day) and then she and Bob put on such a GREAT performance! Woo Hoo!!


6. DZ brought me yoooooooooogurt mill. Ahhh.


5. 3.5 miles on Tuesday night for training (have you skipped a cup of Starbucks to support me this week? Every little bit helps!)...on a treadmill away from the late night Tierrasanta crazies.


4. Having the treadmill tell me I did less than a 20 minute mile even though I haven't walked since last November!!


3. Lunch with my Sweet Samoo!



1. ...With THIS LADY



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