Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Reason #472 To Stay Alive

Because if I die, THIS is what my kids will look like.

Bewildered, disheveled, inexplicably puffy and holding snowman tissues.
You gotta love it when Daddy is in charge. I also found out that he gave them Pop Tarts for breakfast. No wonder they didn't want me to come home!

In other news, I had a TON of fun this weekend with my girls. We laughed...a LOT. A WHOLE lot. And often it was in public and invited the stares of strangers to which we say: Bring it. Stare Away. You just wish you were us.

The road part was a ton of fun too. Carol and I listened to the music real loud, had the sunroof open and loved the feeling of the fresh air and wind swirling around in the car-WHAT. IS. THAT. SMELL!?

Let me look through my pictures to share. Hmmmm, not that one. Nope, that one is me mooning Liz via camera phone. That one has too much damning evidence in it. I guess I can show you this one. Its of me. And I am laughing. Emmy might recognize the laugh, she has a similar picture of me.

Oh! Here's another one I can show you...on the way home, at one of the border checkpoints we had this on our windshield...

See all the little spots? They are bugs. And right before I had to flash my pearly whites at the adorable Border Patrol men these bugs splatted on my windshield with such a force, it sounded like it was raining. And not even my extra strength, extra smelly windshield cleaner could get it off. Except for a little spot slightly to the right of where I could see so I if I drove while tilting to the right, I could see clearly. I bet the border patrol guys thought I was REALLY hot then!

We had some good tunes for the road and Carol even let me break out a little N*Sync (That's what I said!) for some serious car seat bootie shaking.

Because it's Friday night and I just (just, just, just, juuuuust) got PAID!

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