Monday, June 18, 2007

OK Disney Channel, Make Sure They Eat Lunch and Nap is At One. I'll Be Back in an Hour.

Well, summertime is upon us. I am starting to experiencing the panic that my Mommy Friends Who Have Kids in School experience each summer when they realize they have kids they need to keep entertained. And while TV is a GREAT babysitter, it really isn't an option for EACH day of the week (maybe only 4 of them.)

I told Carol on Friday that I was going to sell the children, much like Kristen did but she offered a suggestion first. She said, "You need WATER." I gathered a few plastic pitchers, cups, straws (I like the big reusable ones from Starbucks) and a big bowl of ice cubes and sent my two outside where they proceeded to play "Lemonade" for OVER AN HOUR! (Leaving me to stare at my newly taken pregnancy test and wonder aloud what I had gotten myself into.) They poured water in the cups, drank it, spilled it, added ice, drew on the sidewalk and put the ice back in their cups (I pretended that part didn't happen) and they eventually threw the ice cubes at the fence to watch them split apart. It was SO great and the kids made a bit of a mess but it was easily wiped off AND it left me feeling like A Good Mommy.

So, creative thinkers UNITE! This is the place to list your creative, fun, cheap, and amazing summertime activities. We need to help each other out!


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