Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

1. I wonder how I would react if I was a $10,000 winner on Price is Right...would I be a jumper and screamer? A crier? Would I be stunned? I think I would just want to be sure I made good television.

2. I got new sheets the other day and they aren't as soft as I expected them to be. But they are already washed and slept in so I can't really take them back to Target now, can I??

3. My low of yesterday happened while speeding down the 15 freeway with 3 smoothies in my car and the highway patrol ran a traffic break!! I pictured myself stuck on the 15 South for the next 4 hours FORCED to drink my friends' smoothies to try to stay alive while trapped in my car.

4. The high of yesterday came only 2 minutes later when the officer let us start driving again.

5. I live for the Boston Pops "Pops Goes the Fourth" concert with my darling Keith Lockhart conducting. (He is such a cute and energetic little man!)

6. I miss Diet Dr. Pepper.

7. Why didn't I pay extra for the fridge that does the shopping for me when it is looking empty? I think a trip will be made to Vons.com today.

8. Confession: If I hear your music blasting out of your car, I will harshly and swiftly judge you by the music you listen to and then probably turn up whatever I am listening to. Don't waste your short time here on earth listening to crappy music!

9. Winner of one of the funniest things I heard yesterday: Michelle's son John who imagined the following: Arnold Schwarzenegger umpiring a baseball game. "Dat's a striiiiiiikuh!" "You are owwwwwwwwt!" "Faih Bawl!" (Fair Ball.) You are laughing now too, aren't you??

10. Origins.com is totally awesome. What is even more awesome? Their free gift wrapping. So when you order, say, 4 different of your essential face items (including everybody's MUST HAVE: Modern Friction) then you can have them all gift wrapped separately for free and you get a big box that looks like this!

It's like a Birthday party in a box and then you have a bunch of super cute boxes to give your own gifts in!


  1. I just visited Price Club today and bought an entire case of Dr. Diet Pepper. Come over and help yourself to one anytime, k?

  2. gimme things in those tiny boxes!