Monday, July 09, 2007

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...My Last 10 Cameraphone Shots...

Sleepy Faced Goose...she woke up early from her nap and barely made it through dinner. And that is part of my order in the background on my counter.

Mommy and Lucy at Carls Jr. We ate INSIDE! I bribed the kids with fast food so we didn't have to go to our church's Pizza at the Park. I wasn't in the mood to chase 2 kids in the heat all by myself.

We took all 3 kiddos to see Ratatouille...Despite loading the kids up with bags of goodies, we decided that Lucy won't be going to the movies again anytime soon.

My New Padre Cap!

There was face painting at my Stepbrother's church where Nathan went to VBS...his cousin Jayden was Spiderman so Nathan joined in too! Best Part? BRILLIANT Mommy let Nathan SLEEP IN THE FACE PAINT. Around 11:45pm when I checked on him, it was all over his arms and eyes and hair. I cleaned his face with about 30 Baby Wipes as he half cried and half slept. Poor SpiderNate.

Butterfly Lucy...Kristen, that's your Diego cup on the counter. I still have it.

My Afternoon Snack...they each absolutely hit the spot. But I don't recommend consuming them together.

Nate the Great's Sunburn...He needed to send a picture of it to Aunt Kristy "so she will say, 'Ohhh, poor Nathan.'"

New Polka Dot Ballet Flats from Target

Reminding David that, Yes. I AM Still Pregnant.

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  1. Bethany, I don't think I could think up a weirder afternoon snack combination- isn't that proof enough for David that you're still preggars??