Friday, July 06, 2007

The Difference Between 1974 and 2003 Isn't as Big as You Think

Nathan went to work with David today. It was David’s idea and Nathan has been talking about if for days upon days.
We set out clothes the night before and around 5:45 this morning, Nathan woke me up to show me he was ready.

“See Mommy? I have my shirt on, my pants, my badge and my socks.
But my shoes are downstairs Mommy, don’t worry. My shoes are downstairs.”

Nathan has told me his plans for the future. And while they include the well know plans to marry Alexis, have 2 babies both named Sophia and live upstairs in my room (David and I get to sleep downstairs on the couch), they also include working for Daddy to be “one of his guys.” A plan that Nathan is VERY serious about. So you can imagine how SERIOUS he was when he made sure he collected his work badge, his work folder (a portfolio my mom gave him last year that looks just like Daddy’s) and reminded Daddy that they needed to stop and get coffee (hot chocolate) before they went to the office this morning.

When he came home, Nathan told me all about everyone he met and about a guy who can TAKE HIS THUMB APART!!
I love this age of gullibility. David said he did really well and wasn’t too loud but loved visiting everyone’s cubes and scoring presents form the ladies.

It’s funny, dressing Nathan up to go to work with Daddy doesn’t stray far from his regular wardrobe. For about 2 years now I have been dressing him in polo shirts on a regular basis. It isn’t because I am a Mommy SnootFace but more because Nathan looks SO handsome in polo shirts!

The day I realized this was when I was at Kidsville with Emmy shortly after we discovered the beauty of a big warehouse of toys you can plop your kids in the middle of and hold whole uninterrupted conversations with your friends. Nathan’s interest was not held by the school, the dress up room or the vet’s office but by the ROAD. And the CARS. That you can DRIVE. That day, he spent-I am not exaggerating- 3 solid hours driving his car around and around the road painted on the ground. Poor Alexis couldn’t even use her fluttery eyelashes and beautiful smile to lure Nathan into playing house with her. He had to DRIVE.

I had just picked up some polo shirts for Nathan a few days earlier at a rocking sale at Gymboree and I watched him that day in his blue polo shirt with the blue and green stripe around the middle driving around and around and around. He looked so serious. Like a little commuter. Like a little man.

Like a little….David.

The man of my dreams, who I just so happened to be married to, had unknowingly been reproduced in teeny tiny 2 ½ year old form. I saw what David must have been like when he was that age. I imagined that, if he’d gone to Kidsville back when he was little, David would have claimed his car and driven it for hours only to stop for lunch.

When Nathan was a baby, people told me how much he looked like me, like my mom, like my dad. Not often did David get to hear how much Nathan looked like HIM. And now, as he grows every inch, I see David before my eyes.

So today, when my men came home from work and I made them pose for this picture in front of David’s work truck, my love for Nate the Great Alexander Zabrosky in a polo shirt-just like his Daddy’s-was only confirmed even more.


  1. Tearing up, “Oh my gosh-ing” inside ‘cause there’s no one here. Very nice, Bink.