Wednesday, August 22, 2007

14 Week Report...And it’s All Truth. Really.

I have had so many people asking me how I have been feeling lately. Many of them know this pregnancy has been harder on me than the last two and they are so kind and concerned.

However, I have never been much of a complainer.
                                                       (Honest. I'm not. SERIOUSLY, you guys!)
So I do will not recite to you a laundry list of problems I have been having (that are so very NOT unusual OR interesting to anyone except maybe my Mom.)

Let's instead say that pregnancy is a beautiful, wonderful and blessed event. Once I found I was pregnant, my children became well behaved and spend all day in harmony playing quiet board games at my feet whilst I read "What to Expect When You Are Expecting." My husband hired a chef so I will put only whole, organic and healthy foods into my blossoming belly and a maid to tidy up after the children. (Although I don't know why, they are already so very tidy on their own!) I retire to bed early, feeling peaceful that my house is in order and I arise with the late morning sun fully rested and content.

I recommend pregnancy to EVERYONE!

Isn't that nicer than hearing how many times a day I get to puke...even at Price Club? :)


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  1. C'mon, Thany, give us the laundry list. Let us tell you to hang in there, that your body will be back to normal in no time and yoru precious baby will be in your arms sonner than you realize. I guess I could say all that, too, when you're pretenidng to feel good.