Friday, August 24, 2007

A Story for Amy…

So I am driving home and while turning onto Twin Peaks Road, I see a REALLY COOL license plate!
I think to myself, “Wow! That’s cool! I bet Amy would think it was cool too!”
I continue driving.
I think about how when you SEE a really cool license plate, it is fun to tell people about it but it is waaaay cooler to be able to SHOW it to people.
I am still on the same route as this driver so I grab the camera phone.
I can’t get close enough.
I try zooming in.
It just isn’t working.
Well, maybe she isn’t driving much past where I am driving….I could, um, follow her for a little bit.
So I follow her.
And follow her.
I am now 5 miles out of my way and I have 2 kids in my car wondering why we are not going home.
Well into the 6th mile, I realize that my camera phone just isn’t going to cut it in capturing this shot.
I glance into the front seat of my car.
Ohh! The Rebel XTI-my NEW camera is right there!
Isn’t it handy how the on/off switch is right where your thumb goes when you hold the camera?
I get to a stoplight.
I grab my camera.
I wonder if I am crazy.
FINALLY, the shutterbug/stalker gods smile on me and I am right behind the car whose license plate I want to show Amy!
I raise my camera.
And I realize I am driving WHILE LOOKING THROUGH MY CAMERA VIEWFINDER. I have now become one of those insane woman drivers you see on the 6 o’clock news.


I got the shot.

Well, I couldn't REALLY post the picture could I?
The crazy train honestly doesn't go to the end of the tracks.

The anticlimactic end of the story is that the plate basically said she was a 3 Day Walker-as in Breast Cancer 3 Day. It was cool. But sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.


  1. I've never actually fone out of my way to get the picture of someone else's license plate, but you have teased us with enough- WHAT DID IT SAY?
    On two occasions, I've pueeld out the camera whilst behind the wheel- one was when I saw Cher on the freeway. No lie, it was her. The other was when the man was driving his Geo Metro with His head sticking out the window, weirdo.

  2. You are beyond awesome! :) (oh and I read here too.. just so ya know. :) :) hehehe