Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Auditions, The Church and Ruffled Feathers

A writer I admire very much (and not just because he wrote King George and the Ducky" possibly the funniest of all the Veggie Tales although it really does carry some weight around my house) has been writing a series on auditions and the church.

His church is much larger than mine but still holds many of the same personalities. The kind being discussed here is those of the thinking that just because they want to/like to act or sing, they should be allowed to do so in a public forum such as Worship Team or a role in a play.

Sean Gaffney has been arguing that point. No, I don't like arguing as the word here. Instead I will say he has been providing backup and Biblical Foundations to show that not only is the audition process the only way that we can be sure that The Best is given to God when worshipping Him through acting and song but also that it was a Biblical example demonstrated by Jesus Himself.

It is powerful stuff. Moving and challenging to this drama team director who can be very picky but also has a soft heart for those who might enjoy the acting craft but don't necessarily have the talent to follow it up.

I suggest that even if you aren't into "The Arts" that you still read it. It is an amazing reminder about how we are supposed to offer God our "First Fruits," the VERY BEST of what we have to give. Whether it be our acting and singing or our ability to work with children or even just make coffee and set out donuts with a great love and efficiency.

We, as a church, are truly One Body. We must refuse to let the political correctness of "everyone who wants to play can play" invade that very example that was given to us by the Lord. Instead, we are meant to seek out and discover the gifts and talents we each have and help our church family do the same so that we can be the most effective Body of Christ possible.

I will list each day's entry here in order so you only have to click on the link. Please take the time to read them. Allow your mind to open up to a new way of thinking and be challenged to check yourself in your giving of your First Fruits. Should you feel inspired and moved, speak up and share your thoughts with Sean. Or, if you want to instead, sing him some lyrics... "Because I love my duck!"

Picky, Picky, Picky (Part One)

Auditions Part Two

Auditions Part Three

Auditions and the J-Man (Part Four)

And let me know what you think too.

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  1. I don't know if I agree with the writter suggesting that Jesus held "auditions" before handing out "parts" to the men and women he chose to use to further his kingdom. And here is why.

    I looked up the word AUDITION: definition: ......... test suitability for employment, professional training or competition, etc.

    Let's take a look at two of the twelve apostles for instance. One denied Jesus when the curtain was pulled back and then fled after the rooster crowed (Peter: Mat. 26:69-75). And the other became "stage fright" (Judas: Mat.26:47-53 ) and ratted out his "director" (Jesus)! Both failed terribly at thier roles when "dress rehersal" was over! If Jesus truely held "auditions" for the apostles then he failed miserably at casting these two characters.

    When Jesus picked out his twelve men and delegated out roles, he very well knew how each apostle was going to perform at the final scene. He knew about Judas' betrayal and Peter's denials BUT, he STILL chose them. Kept them. And gave them each parts inspite of his knowlege. The writter explains in Part Four: Auditons and the J-Man this.......

    {"He had hundreds of followers trailing after him – all wanting to be part of the inner circle. But Jesus thought that number unwieldy. So he OBSERVED, INTERACTED, then went off to the mountain to pray.

    And when he came back down, he asked twelve to step forward, and told the rest, “Thank you very much for trying out.” }

    Jesus did go off to pray but not to share his "observations" and "interactions" and review the "audition tapes" so to speak with his Father! And then after proper reviewing and discussion choosing the most suitable and best performer for the job! Jesus prayed to pick out the BEST ordinary, ungifted, untrained, uneducated, unTALENTED men of the crowd so HE can accomplish HIS extradinary will and performances through them. And HE recieve the glory and the standing ovation at curtain call.

    If God truely holds auditions and picks out the best suitable and most talented for the part then he has failed miserably with the following cast members......

    Moses and Jerimiah: ungifted speakers (Exodos 4:10 ; Jerimiah 1:6)
    Mary Magdalene: unclean (Luke 8:2)
    Peter and John: uneducated (Acts 4:13)
    unsuitable: Jonah 1-4
    unskilled: Noah ( built something he has never layed eyes on before) Genesis 6:14

    And we can't forget the main rolls were given to Adam and Eve!

    This cast of pittiful "UN's" were ALL hand selected by God almighty and used to spread his word regardless of a gift that was or was not present in their lives. God was able to choose each individual based on his wisdom ( only he knows the "why's" ie. Judas) and ability to look into the heart of man and see our intents and potentials. The only thing God needs is a willing heart not a talent.

    But those are just MYYYY thoughts ;^)


    Yes, the bible says....
    "Sing to him a new song, play SKILLFULLY, and shout for joy" (Psalms 33:3

    BUT the bible also says......

    Make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord, and ye lands