Monday, March 10, 2008

Double Standards...The Only Kind To Have

As I drive around town (I have been doing that a lot...I am on a mission that when it is complete, I will tell you all about!) I am amazed at the number of houses that still have their Christmas Lights on display.

This judgement is passed despite my role as a Christmas Decor Nazi and including the fact that I still have my Holiday Starbucks Mugs on display in my kitchen.

Ahhh, hypocrisy...isn't it refreshing?


  1. when home I ONLY and I mean ONLY drink coffee from my red starbucks mug.. but *tsk tsk* all the remaining Christmas decor, that are not my own of course :) hehe

    Can't wait to hear about your mission.

  2. I have 2 snowman cookie jars sitting on my table, somehow forgotten in the putting away of Christmas. Yep, there they are.
    Oh Well.
    But at least they aren't outside on my lawn!

  3. I don't really see it as a double standard. What you chose to display or not to display in your own home is your choice. Heck, keep it up all year if you want to!

    However, the morons that still have their lights and decorations up are imposing their post-Christmas cheer on the rest of us. That, my fellow Christmas Nazi, is just plain wrong.

  4. I love your cups...I saw some on sale when we were in South Carolina and figured another if another week passed they would be cheaper. When I got back to Colorado they were all gone...Next year I'll by some full priced. I'm so jealous.

  5. Your cups are GREAT!!!

    But the Christmas Decor thing REALLY Gets to me!

  6. Yeah, and you all don't have the 12" of snow with nowhere to put the ladder excuse. Horror of Horrors: ours just came down a couple weeks ago. :-)

  7. Well, it's not like your mugs light up and advertise to the world that your a slacker and that is why they're still up! Besides, they're pretty! :)

  8. I keep mine tucked away in cupboard, but in all honesty I rather display them because they are RED! And red things makes me happy =^).