Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged. And Pictures.

Pictures first!

Nathan is in T-Ball and loving it-most of the time. For his first semi game (scrimmage) he got to play catcher. It was all I could do to not run out onto the field and eat him up he looked so cute in all the gear...

I guess you could say that this seasons baseball crush will be on the adorable, snuggly, sweet and spirited Number 3 of the Bluejays!

(Never think I will forsake my all time crush and love Trevor Hoffman though. Especially now that he is sporting some handsome long locks at spring training this time around. I will always love you Trevor!)

Now, the Tagging...
I was tagged to open the closest book to me and write down the first 5 sentences from page 123. (I wrote 6.) I don't usually do this but it had something to do with books. And I love books.

The Last Battle
by C.S. Lewis
Chapter 12

Jill ought to have been back at the white rock already but she had quite forgotten that part of her orders in the excitement of watching the fight. Now she remembered. She turned at once and ran to it, and arrived there barely a second before the others. It thus happened that all of them, for a moment, had their backs to the enemy. They all wheeled round the moment they had reached it. A terrible sight met their eyes.

I tag, ummmm....




  1. Great Fabulous fabulocity Batman!! :) Love the pictures! :) Nate is gonna be a super star.. I just know these things! Yay for baseball!!

  2. Look at him in that catcher's gear! He looks so grown up.

  3. Oh my gosh, just look at how adorable my future son-in-law is!! I love it! Love it! Love it!

    Since I am sitting at my dinning room table the closet book to me is my Weight Watchers Turn Around, Eat Wisley book that only has 107. But, the next closet book to me is my Souther Living Cookbook.

    Pg. 123

    At last, a wedding cake with simple instructions and fabulous taste to make it fit for any extravagant affair. Don't let the piped frosting scare you-your design is easy, and the faster you work, the easeir it is to pipe ruffly rows of buttercream. This cake wil serve 85 people for an intimate wedding or anniversary. The cake uses a triple recipe of batter. The directions will divide amounts for you. To make the cake easy, we've presented the recipe as a food project, listing supplies you'll need.

    Happy baking =^).

  4. Um, would I be a total loser if I didn't follow through with the 'tag' you so graciously bestowed upon me??? I've done this meme before and now hardly any of my blogger 'friends' do them anymore - so I have no one to tag back. See? I'm a loser.

    Oh! Lolly is being induced tomorrow. Let's pray all goes well!

  5. scratch that....Lolly's in labor right now! Her water broke and she's on her way to the hospital! Guess she's not gonna make that induction appt. :) Yeah babies!

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  7. I LOVE little league the most. I still go to watch my friends kids play.
    I have been in LOVE with Mike Scioscia for years!!! To me he is still the young 25 year old Dodger that made me swoon...

    Where have I been to not respond to a tagging!.

    I am a magazine girl so here goes...Shoot, it doesn't have 123 pages... Gotta get a book.

    "Come, let us sing for joy to the lord" I said in a loud voice picking up a piece of chalk and proceeding to write down the days new math problems on the board. " Let us shout aloud to the rock of salvation" I did a little dance step and moved down the board. "Hallelujah!"
    Gosh, that felt good. So good it made me laugh, just as the bell rang.
    I put down the chalk and stowed the New Testament back in the drawer.

    From the Yada Yada Prayer group