Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She Had a Strong Walk and She Was Fierce

Daddy and Nathan events happen often in our house. They do things like hiking, taking pictures together, T-Ball, even church work days. Lucy and I get to hang out but we often end up running errands or cleaning the house. So when we had a chance for a Mommy and Lucy "thing," I jumped all over it!

Last Saturday , it was a Fashion Show. Nordstrom has a children's fashion show in the spring and Lucy was invited to participate! We went down a week before the show for her to select her outfit she was going to model. She informed me (and Nathalie-the gal from Nordy's who invited us and adores Lucy) that she would be wearing a PINK DRESS. We looked at every PINK DRESS in the department. There were some really really awful pink dresses. And, oddly enough, when Lucy would select one of those ugly pink dresses as her new favorite to wear in the fashion show, Mommy would inform her that they just didn't have Lucy's size! Isn't that the oddest of coincidences? We found a beautiful dress we both loved and I found out it was a $68 Ralph Lauren dress. And since I knew that Lucy was going to want to take home whatever she modeled, I had to pass on the dress that cost more than what I spent on the entire outfit I was wearing that day. We finally found an adorable Sweet Ivy dress at a reasonable price.

The day FINALLY came and we were down at the Nordstrom in Fashion Valley by 8am. Lucy's hair was all done and she had new shoes to match her dress and Mommy was doing her best to be as pressure-free with her sweet model.

We got dressed and hustled ourselves in line with about 40 other kids and mommies. Our fans showed up: Emmy, Gwen, Amy, Jeff and Kim. We were set! The show started and we inched our way closer and closer to the white carpet runway. When it was Lucy's turn, I handed her off to the Nordy's employee and stepped out front to take pictures. I saw Lucy take about 2 steps and then she suddenly disappeared. She ran sobbing backstage and couldn't find me right away which made everything even worse for her. She just held me and said she didn't want to go. I told her she didn't have to-and I really really meant it-and suggested we go see our friends.

Suddenly she said she wanted to try again. The gals who were helping to wrangle the kids said she could totally go again and this time she walked down the runway and turned around and bolted off stage-this time with a giant smile on her face.

"I DID IT!" She told me.
Oh yes Baby Girl, you did.

Moments before changing our mind....

Second time is the charm! And look at her charm her way down the runway.

"Mommy! I did it!"

Some of Lucy's adoring fans

We are blessed to have such lovely friends.


  1. Wahhh! I would have totally been there!!! How cute she is and I have to hand it to her that carpet was a long one!!

    Kudos to Lucy the Fierce!!!

    And Kudos to Mom for two blogs in one day!!!

  2. Oh I am so sad that I missed this! She looked gorgeous. I so remember the feeling of wanting to run away, when I modeled as a child. I am so proud of her giving it a second try. I love you Goose!

  3. Yeah to the Goose-Grandma si-si loves you so and wishes she could have seen this great challenge you (and mommie who did this for you despite many obstacles!) took on and overcame...all the time looking like the princess you are.

  4. Wouldn't have missed it! Love you Lucy!! (pretty found of the other Zabs too I must say) :)

  5. or fond even.. I've found that I'm fond.. yes yes, that's what I MEANT to say :)

  6. Fashion consciousness begins at a young age. Now that Lucy has modeled she can start her wardrobe counseling business. The girls at church will be lined up to get the opinions of one with such an impressive resume. =^)

  7. absolutely adorable!!! And what a fun thing!

  8. Mahvahlous, she simply looks mahvahlous! :)

  9. Modeling is so close to my heart and my heart went pitter patter when I saw my sweet Lucy strut down that runway.
    So proud of her. Muah, muah.

  10. OH! Isn't she just adorable!!I did this very same thing- but I was in high school. And no way was I convincing my mom to buy my outfit. TOo bad, though, it was Oprah worthy!