Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sometimes You Just Can't Dial Down the Crazy

I love that Elle McPherson uses the word "knickers" instead of "panties" on America's Next Top Model. I am SO teaching that one to my kids. Hmmmmm, if I only talk in a British or soft Aussie accent to Ella if she will develop one? That would be awesome! I'd have 2 Yankee Youths and 1 sweet English Muffin.

OK, I just went back and read what I wrote and I have decided I have too much power. I shouldn't be raising impressionable children. Maybe with every crazy Mommy thought I have, I will put a dollar in a jar to be later used for the kids' counseling and crazy-deprogramming sessions.


  1. much wiser than a college fund I suspect... There are grants for that, but therapy? NOW THAT is expensive!

  2. I'm NOT anonymous, I'm LaDonna!!!

    I gave both girls (Ariana in particular) southern accents to some words and they're born and raised So Cals. Not to mention, I've been here since I was eight. I've also caused them to be independent thinkers and strong individuals.

    Too much power? No....just don't go to the dark side. Your kids are so cute they could literally get away with murder that way.

  3. hey, if the british accent thing works for britney spears, then why not you?

  4. Teach me! Teach the British accent. The only thing I know to say in with a British accent is....

    "Would you like a spot of tea?"

    Ha. I must be very believable with my dark hair and Spanish eyes ; ^) .