Friday, May 02, 2008

So, Yesterday Happened

It all started with trying to sleep an extra 20 minutes while simultaneously teaching a 5 year old how we don't wake up someone who is sleeping IF WE WANT TO KEEP OUR PRETTY LITTLE FACES. I gave up and went downstairs to brown a bunch of beef for tacos and while I was doing that, Nathan ran downstairs to tell me that Lucy had written all over her bedroom walls. I went up to investigate and she had, indeed, written in pencil all over her walls. Again. After decorating my washing machine with purple marker that even Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser could not fix only 4 days earlier.

She had also pooped her pants and was officially in the running for the role of my favorite child.

As I dealt with all of those things, I heard a sharp cry come from downstairs where Nathan had somehow woken up the baby who had been sleeping very peacefully and now that she was awake, she was mad. And hungry. And told me as much.

I still had to finish preparing dinner and pack lunches for a playdate at the park that my kids did NOT deserve to attend. But since we were responsible for a friend who was meeting us there, we went anyway. I also had phone calls and text messages coming in like crazy with all sorts of nonsense and I was about ready to just take the baby (the only human in the house I liked at the moment) and leave to go to a nice quiet bookstore. Or Hawaii. I hadn't decided.

My friend Deanne texted me encouragement: "This is Survivor, lets vote the kids off the island." Amen, sister!

We made it to the playdate after I drove through Starbucks and treated myself to (iced venti soy green) tea (latte) and a donut. When the kids asked if they could have one, I said no. When they asked if they could have a piece, I said no. And when they made plans and decided that every Thursday Park Day they will get a donut starting next week, I said no. I stopped myself short of turning around and eating the donut while they watched and I most definitely didn't wave it under their noses so they could see how great it smelled. But that doesn't mean I didn't consider it.

I had a very nice time with my friend (but missed our other friends!) while our boys defended the fate of the galaxy playing light sabres with their bubble tubes. But no rest for the weary! I still had to go to Costco and deliver my dinners for Supper Swap which meant NO ONE was getting a nap that day. (And trust me, boy did I the KIDS really need the down time.)

We ran into Costco, ran around town delivering food and ran home. I made dinner for the big kids and looked on my counter to discover that the lettuce for the tacos I delivered was sitting on my kitchen counter. After the neighbors came over to watch the big kids, I hit the road and called the people I brought dinner to who all told me I was crazy for leaving the house again and to take my lettuce hauling butt and go back home.

Once David got home, we set out right away to get the big monsters into bed who were melting down quickly. While knocking the chunks off of Lucy and keeping Nathan from killing his baby sister with his love, David comes upstairs.

"Did you lose your wallet?"

(record scratch) "Whaat?!"

"I was checking the machine and some guy called about 4 times because he found your wallet. I called him back and it is definitely yours. Did you even know that you lost it?"

And to think, it was my WALLET I lost yesterday when all day I thought it was my MIND.


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  2. Good thing I was praying for you, who knows what would have happened if I hadn't been! Hopefully you have your mind and your wallet back today.

  3. I vote for a bookstore IN Hawaii. I'm coming, too.

  4. so remember that time we sat in Starby's and enjoyed our coffee while our girls played so quiet and nice??? reflect on times like those :)
    did you find your wallet?

  5. LOVE this blog! So real, so true. Aren't some days sooooo bad???
    I love the pretty face comment and the part about the donut. I was laughing out loud.
    So good. Thanks.

  6. I think you forgot something. All day yesterday in the midst of all that ALSO managed to make a certain birthday girl's day by forwarding all those nonsensical text messages. Thanks friend!