Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting His Logic from the 5 Year Old

He says, "Hey Mommy, this guy here? He lost his arms and legs in a shark attack. His name is Kevin B."

She says, "Yeah Mommy, Kevin B."

He says, "See Mommy? I am putting him in the back of my truck now. Ohhh noooo, we have to hurry him to the hospital. Get the chopper!"

I listen to about 10 minutes of continuous dialogue on Kevin B. (and a few of his friends,) his unfortunate meeting with a shark while swimming in the ocean and how he is now limbless.

I send a text to David, wondering if he knows what fueled the surge of shark attack victims in my home. I get back:

"'Shark Attack' on Discovery"

"Why did you watch that? Why not the Padre Game?!"

"Because it's SHARK WEEK!"

Thank you Discovery.


  1. LOL. Is it? I should be checking this out...

  2. Ooh just wait till its Black Plague week!

    He says, "Hey Mommy, this guy here? His name is Kevin B. He has the BLACK PLAGUE!"

    She says, "Yeah Mommy, Kevin B, look at his blood filled boils, and look I drew some on MY face too!"

  3. Watch out for contraband drawings of little people getting bitten by sharks.

  4. As soon as he started talking, I knew it was shark week!!!

    One of my favorite comedians does a bit about it. Apparently all men love Shark Week; there's no fighting it.

    At least there are generally no naked people on Shark Week. Bones and torn flesh and screaming and blood, sure, but generally all of their parts are covered.

  5. I sorta totally LOVE shark week. :)

    hey I own Nate a shake.. we should do that after VBS one day next week. :)

  6. We love shark week here at my home. Don't know why because some of those survivor stories are SCA-AAR-YY. Well, the other night when I was ironing 101 shirts for VBS Alexis and I had a great assembly line going with those shirts and we both were watching shark stories! What was i thinking? But, in my defense, I did make her look away during the scary parts.