Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday, Juh, Juh, Juh...J!

The following is a list of TEN things I am thankful for all beginning with the letter J!

I should say I have always been a fan of "J," it is one of my favorite letters to write. Tidy, yet allows for an artistic flair. So here you go. "J," in no particular order...

10. Joy....of the Kristy and Lucy variety.

9. Jib Jab.com...MAN there is funny stuff there!!

8. Joey Tribbiani..."How YOU doin?" "Not just a hat rack my friend." "I'm Chandler, could I BE wearin' any more clothes?" "That's how they do pants!" "You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at?"

7. JPEG's. Because it means I have taken a picture. And I looooove taking pictures. (Although technically I am shooting more RAW these days....but I will save that one for "R.")

6. Juice...Cranberry is my favorite with Orange coming in at a close second.

5. Jelly...I don't eat it very often but when I put it on toast, it is perfection.

4. Justice and Jesus...Justice is something we seek on this earth but because of Jesus, we never have to fully recieve what we deserve whenit comes to eternity.

3. Jokes...particularily the "knock-knock" variety. I am living in the land of knock-knock jokes and they ALL have the same punchline. The formula is as follows (write this down, it will be a HIT at your next party!)

Who's there?
(Insert any object here...we are going to choose SUNGLASSES)
Sunglasses who?
"Sunglasses or no Sunglasses, I'm going swimming!"

See how that works? You can use anything in there. Pants, milk, Darth Vader...that is the BEAUTY of the joke!

2. Jim, my Uncle Jim... Amazing man, wonderful teacher and knower of all things Monty Python and GOOD humor. Jesus called him home before we were ready but we honored his memory appropriately in the laughter before the memorial service and watching a certain Johnny Knoxville show at my aunt's house afterwards. (That link is PG-13.) The Big Red Chair was my uncle's and my cousin was so kind to let me have it in my home. I miss you, Uncle Jim.

1. James Bond...I have spoken before how much I love him but I also love him for bringing my friends together and creating memories that I cling to when I am in a dark time of life. I guess if I REALLY wanted to be dramatic (and who doesn't?!) then I could say

James Bond Saved My Life. Thank You James.

There is the J for me!
Hey, this was fun...and you should TOTALLY do it too! Type it up and then go see my friend Crayl and you can plug your site in and be on the OFFICIAL list for this Ten on Tuesday. You want to be offical, don't you?


  1. Great list, Thany! :) Good point about Justice & Jesus. I honestly haven't ever really tied them together (or thought much about the correlation) before... I think my brain may be turning.

  2. Hello, Bethany!! It's Miss Richardson here!!! I found someone else I know on this blog site! Hurrah!!!

  3. Ah yes. Bond. Nice call. Those were some good times....

  4. I concur with M. Shell, good times had by all. Miss it. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Jay Jay Bo Bay Banana Fana Fo Fay

    I am behind the times and just on G but I too am enjoying the Ten on Tues