Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Write These Down So You Can Appreciate Your Life Better

My Night Last Night...

8:30pm Nathan falls asleep after crying for over an hour. He is fried from a full day of fun with Grandma Sisi and Grandpa Tim.

All is mostly well and quiet on the homefront. But this is the calm before the storm.

2:30am Ella wakes up to eat. This was to be expected since she fell asleep earlier than usual last night.

3:15am Lucy is now awake. She wants to sleep in bed with us, "in a room with a Mommy and a Daddy and a Baby."

3:30am Lucy is still awake

3:45am Whew! Rubbed Lucy's head till she fell asleep-it worked!

3:50am Nope.

4:00am Tucked Lucy back in bed. Realized Ella and Nathan and I didn't have any clean clothes to wear to church tomorrow. Went downstairs to start a load of laundry.

4:15am And check my e-mail

4:30am Oh look! It's Lucy! She's awake!

4:35am Lucy is tucked back in bed. And I take a hot shower to try to clear the throbbing earache I have.

4:55am A nice peaceful shower. Everyone is where they should be. I lay down and David sits up to ask me if I feel better. He also scares the crap out of me.

5:00am Have listened to grumpy husband explain how Lucy was up twice AND she woke up Nathan who climbed into bed with Nick who was unhappy about all of that and was crying himself.

5:15am Ella is awake again.

5:35am I lay back in bed.

5:45am As I drift off to sleep, I am suddenly awoken by the crowing of a rooster.

Wait, that can't be right. I live in the city.


5:46am I find my daughter in Nathan's room sitting on his bed with Nicholas. Both Lucy and Nick are wide awake and trying to wake up Nathan who does NOT want to be up yet.

5:55am Ella is still awake from eating and is playing quietly in her crib. But if I climb into bed, she will see me and possibly want me to pick her up. I wait.

5:58am Ella fills her diaper....about 5 times.

6:00am I finally drift off to sleep. I hear kids getting up again. I ignore them and instead wake up my husband and beg him to deal with it so I can get some sleep.

8:00am After about 90 minutes of very interrupted sleep, I get out of bed and go to church.

I am happy to report the following...
-I didn't fall asleep in the middle of the worship set this morning.
-Although it meant I missed morning rehearsal, I had a delicious Iced Green Tea Latte and bacon breakfast sandwich-Starbys saves the day
-Lucy is still alive...but barely.


  1. I wish you peaceful sleep tonight. Good lord, maybe you should go hide in your car so none of them can find you. No, that leads to even grumpier daddies. Oh well. Give everyone a warm bath before bed? I'm no help, I'm just grateful for teenagers all of a sudden. You are loved. Does that help?

  2. My prayer for you tonight will be for a goodnight sleep and that the Lord will send the sandman over your way early and put the kids into deep sleeps so you can rest =^).

  3. That was an amazing story me friend. I am tired for you. Here is wishing for wonderful pillow time tonight. Best wishes and sweet dreams :)

  4. I'm laughing so hard I have tears coming out the corners of my eyes and am having to hang onto the computer desk to maintain an upright posture. I think it was the "crowing like a rooster out an open window" line that is entered at 5:45AM.

  5. I was afraid to say I was laughing too until the last poster. I was laughing out loud!! Mostly because we have funny nights like that--it's not funny at the time, or even the next looong day, but it will be really funny to you someday.

    Last night Savvy woke up at about 3:30 am..then just before 4 am, I hear the smoke detector beep once every minute. Of course, husband doesn't hear it, so I go to tap him and he ends up getting the ladder and taking the battery out. We get back in bed about 15 min. later and I hear it beep again-twice. That was's like it had the last word or something!

    Forget the miracle blanket...just tie the kids to their beds!!

  6. I have a secret weapon. Earplugs. Love them, can't live without them since the kids arrived. It makes it a much quieter morning. I think this is the reason why they are still alive. :)

    **praying for a better nights sleep for all tonight.

  7. Thany, I got to your blog via Pensieve and I'm glad I did. This post was so...well, I don't know what to call it, but I SO DO APPRECIATE my life and daily schedule after reading this. Bless your heart!! And you still got to go to church. WOWZER!! You sound like a really patient and longsuffering wife and mommy.

  8. That is my very favorite Starbucks order! it could make many days a little better! I hope last night was better!

  9. Those stories are soooo funny whenever they are about someone else instead of yourself! Hoping last night was a better one! Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I thought I was the only one who did laundry and checked email on nights like this! I'm afraid I'm not far enough removed from own horrific nights like this to laugh TOO much -- I feel your pain and have nights like this on a fairly regular basis. We have three kids in one room, and sometimes I have to remove one or two in order to end the cycle of wakefulness. I DO confess to a chuckle at the rooster incident, however. That's classic, and one I'm sure you'll laugh at one day. :) Here's hoping they were all so wiped from the night that they slept like angels last night!

  11. OH girlfriend --- what a night! I feel for you. This too shall pass... one day they'll all grow up and... well - you'll be happy for sleep again! :o)