Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, The "Huh" Edition (That's me making the sound of the letter H)

10 Things I Am Thankful For...
(in no particular order...till you get to number 1)

10. Honey-it doesn't make sandwiches messy, it helps clear the yuckies out of your throat when you drink it in tea

9. Hearts...if you put hearts on anything, Lucy will like it waaay better.

8. Hootenanny...cause it's like, the BEST word ever.

7. HI-larious Friends...most of mine are. You can read one of them here.

6. Hulu.com....oh my gosh have you been there yet?!?! You can watch full episodes of TV like Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore! It is so awesome! I need 2 computers now: one for surfing and one for watching REAL classic television. And, its FREE!

5. Harry Connick, Jr. I have forgiven him, by the way.

4. Handmade Cards. The kids make them all the time. If you get one from Nathan, it will have your name written on it and often also a picture of himself. Lucy will cover every inch of cardstock with stickers. Even puffy ones so the card won't close. And then she will get frustrated...and possibly get on time out. But you can be sure your card was made with PASSION.

3. Hands. Carol's. specifically. (She does massages. good ones!!)

2. Han Solo. Oh Han, give me a chance and I will tame your wild ways. We will live happily ever after in our intergalactic lifestyle ridding the world of evil and you teaching me how to do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. (In the Millenium Falcon of course.)

1. Hubbies. Mine is particularly wise. We have had some situations in the last number of weeks that I have had to rely completely on his wisdom and his direction from the Lord. And every time I follow his lead, I find that we have done exactly what God would have wanted us to do. Last night I got the chance to thank him for his wisdom and dedication to being the Spiritual Leader of our family. That's why he gets the Number One spot. Because while I loooooove me some Han Solo, it is David who will always have my heart.


  1. a great list! I love the handmade cards... Number 1 is so important...

  2. Great list . .. and inspiring. I need to do this!

  3. very nice!! I'm working on mine.. I need more H words :)

  4. i memed you ;) check my blog for details...

  5. I like your #8 because it reminded me of my dream with Jason Bourne (deep sigh).

  6. Aaah, why does it keep doing that.