Sunday, October 05, 2008

Do You Forgive Me?

Internet! Hi!
How have you been?

I know, it's been-like-forever! What have you been up to?

I was just a little sick. (Read that: Thought I just might die.)
We've been taking some pictures.
I took the kids to Disneyland all by myself and returned with all 3 of them.

Ella waves now and says hi. But it sounds like "Hhhhhhaaaaaaaa" and it is possibly the cutest thing you have ever seen. It's as if she's the only baby to ever wave and say hi. And while I know she's not, I do know she is the cutest baby to ever do it. Don't argue with me. She's cutest.

My shows are back! I have been watching a lot of TV. The DVR is on overdrive and I think I broke the record button on the remote.

School is going well. Nate has a lot of friends and one girl specifically who, according to Nathan, calls him "Ethan" but "that's ok, Mommy, I like it." He and this young lady also like to figure out sign language that, when demonstrated after school, his mother has a very hard time not laughing at the aerobatic ways her son perceives the deaf to communicate.

And in the other romantic news in the lives of my children... (Everything in that sentence is wrong.)

....Lucy has made a friend in a young man at school who she says is her best friend and that they are going to get married. "And when we play on the playground we kiss like this." Then she makes kissy noises. When talking to Lucy about how there are OTHER ways to show our friends affection, (like hugging, or standing all the way across a room and smiling, but NOT kissing,) I was told, "But Mommy, I like kissing him." After I told David about it, he got the guns out for cleaning.

Oh! I have also been reading. I am engrossed. The laundry is neglected, the dishes are piling up, I threw mac and cheese at the family for dinner and there are rumors that a couple of kids were possibly put down for a nap early so I could finish the last few pages of "Twilight." But you know how those rumors are.

Know what else I have been doing? Neglecting YOU, Internet.
I'm sorry. I will be back soon.
And that's a promise.

Do you forgive me??


  1. You are forgiven.

    You're children ARE the cutest things EVER.

    You're on your own about friend education and affection from across the room. Wow. Um...

    I missed the Amazing Race last night. I'm moving in to a bigger place and we're gonna have a DVR.

  2. You were missed...and now there is much rejoicing...

  3. Can I borrow Twilight when you are done and neglect my family too?

  4. Oh I'm sure Ella is the cutest to ever wave hi. Wally doesn't say hi, he only says bye. To everyone including the cars and trees unless I mention that he says bye... Yay for you being back!

  5. Hey! My coworker loaned me Twilight. How is it? As good as Harry Potter? Welcome back by the way. :-)

  6. I think my neighbor told me about Twilight last week--does it involve a Werewolf?? Did I spell that right? She said the books are GREAT!! Good for you for reading so much!
    I threw mac and cheese at my fam last night--well, not threw..

  7. I read all 4 books in the twilight series. My recommendation for the next 3 are make sure you don't start them 'til you clear your calendar b/c they all suck you in and make you neglect your life.

    lolly, don't read the back cover or get any information about twilight. just pick it up and start reading. it'll make it more fun.

    hope you're feeling better!

  8. Yeah, you are right about the books and clearing your calendar.

    Lolly and Crayl, you both must read the books. I have now mentioned them in the last TWO blog posts. Does that tell you anything?

  9. I have been so busy myslelf. Wow, the life of a stay-at-life is a lot of work, we should be getting a paycheck for all we do. I just don't have the time I use to anymore. I love writting my blogs, my stories, all those little fun things about my children also but I just can't find the time. Also, I admit when I do have some time to myself I rather read sometimes. I love to be taken away by a good book.

    Maybe when that house cleaning-grocery shopping-making dinner-folding laundry-picking kids up from school- doing homework-clean my kitchen- bath kids fairy comes I will have more time to be on here too. you still have he? When are you going to send her over ;^) ?