Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay, so I haven't been around much the last few days. But I will be now...At least for this month-ha!

Know what? YOU SHOULD TOO!!

It's a whole lot of fun and if you blog, it is a great challenge to write something every day for 30 days!

Please join me? Go here:

And you could win something! I did 2 years ago.

But it was a major award!

Don't simply enjoy my witty snark for 30 days, dish out some of your own!

PS: Want to do something fun tonight? You have till 10pm tonight to enter....check out Mae's Monster Challenge. It's fun! Look for our entries tonight!


  1. yeahh, I guess I'll do it. I was debating...

  2. I want to, I really really want to. But I just never have enough interesting things to say.

  3. you are soooo brave. I've done it... This October has worn me out blog wise though... I look forward to your 30 posts, however!

  4. You have inspired me to leave quotes of my kids. We will see if they will bring clever or inspireing things.
    Lilly too goes back and forth with liking to go to heaven and not. That particular day she did not want to go to heaven even though it "looked" so beautiful. :)

  5. You and me, sista! "Together forever and never to part, together, forever with you. And don't you know I would move heaven and earth to *blog* together forever with you" Quick! Who sings it???

  6. Oh, if we must. No promises on quality this year.

  7. Wow, it's here already?! Well, I will be a little busy this November, I will try to get a few blogs in but I will do better next year ; ^) . Happy blogging.