Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ten on Tuesday-Tuh, Tuh, Tuh

Time for Ten on Tuesday including things I am thankful for that begin with the letter"T" in no particular order.

10. Taco Shops, because in my world, the fifth food group is "Mexican Food"

9. Tablets of Paper, my friend Deanne was recently introduced to my love of all things office supplies. If she saw how many notebooks, folders and tablets of paper I had, she'd simply die.

8. Tea, hot and cold. All of it. My Starbucks order is an Iced Venti Green Tea Latte with Soy. Yum. My favorite loose tea is anything from the Republic of Tea. (A friend's blog reminded me just how close Christmas is so I thought I'd drop just a few hints in case anyone is paying attention.)

7. Tiffany's. The magic of that little blue box. I have 1 bracelet that my dad and stepmom got me for Christmas a few years ago. I remember thinking I could never pull it off-that it would look out of place on my wrist. But now it is one of my post precious possessions and while I don't wear it every day, I try to. After my wedding rings, it's my favorite thing to wear. It somehow has the magic to make me feel beautiful. And I feel so loved by the givers as well. (I hope to someday expand my collection!!)

6. Television, oh how I love thee. I know it's wrong but I really do.

5. The Twilight Series of books. I can't stop reading them! I am halfway through the series and while I promised David that I wouldn't ever stay up till 4am to finish the books again, I never promised that I wouldn't let the laundry pile up higher than me to catch up. I will miss the Cullen family when they are out of my life.

4. Tombstone, the movie. This is one of the most quoted movies in our library. Plus it is the favorite of Neighbor Jeff which means I get to say things like, "I'm your huckleberry" and "You tell 'em I'm comin' and hell's comin' with me, ya hear? Hell's comin' with me!" a lot. I also get to see Val Kilmer. And I love Val Kilmer.

3. Tetris, it is addicting. And now that I found it on Facebook and can't seem to beat Deanne or my sister-in-law Jamie, it has become even more addicting. (It's driving me crazy too-I used to be super good!)

2. Tuesdays and Thursdays: pre school days! You probably think I am going to say it's because Lucy is gone and I am down to only 1 kid. But it's more because my sweet Goose's world has been opened to so many possibilities that it is overwhelming! she talks and talks the whole way home and all the rest of the day about everything she did at school. It's amazing. I hope she never stops talking to me like that.

1. Texting. I looooooooove texting. I can ask a quick question, tell a joke or beg for prayer all while preventing my friends from hearing the cacophony going on in the background. Text me. Always text.

This blog has been brought to you by the Tee-Double E- Double R-Double R-Double I-Double F-Double I-Double C C C C letter T! Check out more of them over at Crayl's little spot: Beyond Black and White and then go type up your own list of thankful things that start with T!!


  1. great list of 't's! I don't think I've seen your lovely Tiffany bracelet, but I have seen you beautiful! I'll have to be on the lookout for it. Oh, and I totally agree with tetris and texting (with a capital T!)!!!

  2. YES!!! To Tetris, Tiffany & Co, Twilight and the Republic of Tea. (and Texting)

    this is the best list!

  3. I'm hoping Santa brings me a new phone, texting is addicting, but not with the little abc's on one button! But then there's that 5D Mark II on my list, too. darn it.
    ANd. I love Tombstone. I'm your huckleberry is surely a favorite quote for me!

  4. very nice! I missed a few things such as texting.

  5. Oh the tenacity!
    Terrific list, even if you didn't LINK IT UP on my page...but that's ok, I totally forgive you.:)