Monday, October 20, 2008

What's Pink and White and Frosted and, Gulp, GONE?!

Rest assured, dear friends, The Goose lives. It only took me about a day to get over the Motherly Wrath we spoke of earlier. It melted one night when she was in bed and all of a sudden started crying. David went in to check on her. She'd been playing with an elastic headband and it had snapped her in the face. More specifically, on the eye. David was concerned it might have hurt her badly.

"How many fingers am I holding up, sweetie?" He showed her 2 fingers.

"But I only have THIS MANY!!!" She sobbed back, holding up one finger.

It was this plus her sitting in my lap trying to count all her freckles today that made everything okay.

The feeling of everything being okay was shattered when Michelle had this conversation with a checker at her local Vons.

Did you click the link? Did your read how THERE WILL BE NO MORE PINK AND WHITE COOKIES? No more Iced Oatmeal? No more English Tea with their hint of lemon? No more Taffy with the slightly odd flavor you just can't pinpoint? And no more Sugar Wafers where you eat all the pink ones first, the white ones next and give away the chocolate ones? NO MORE!

Mother's Cookies is bankrupt and while my sis-in-law and I discussed buying it (I have about $12, who is in?) or asking for it for Christmas, it looks like no one is going to bail them out. All that was left to do was join a Facebook group and then do my part this afternoon by buying, well, a lot of cookies. 3 stores just for the Circus Animal ones, actually.

So join me in the mourning as we raise a frosted cookie together and salute the 92 year old institution that defined our childhoods. I am sad to know Ella will live in a world with no frosted Circus Animal cookies. Well, that world will start after we run out of our ever growing stash.

I leave you with the following. A commercial for Mother's Cookies Ice Cream....and Joey Tribbianni. (Matt LeBlanc)


  1. *sigh* I still don't want to believe it :(

  2. Boo for no more Pink and White Circus animals!!!!! Boooooooo!!!

  3. : ( . I need to hurry up and stock up too before everyone finds out this sad news!

  4. that's really so incredibly sad... My husband is crushed.

  5. What!?! Seriously no more circus cookies *sniffle* I was just wanting some too. How ever will I get my cookie fix now?

  6. I can't believe it! So glad myspace keeps me informed. I only really like the white frosted animal cookies and oreos. Do we still have oreos?

  7. It shouldn't surprise you that that is EXACTLY how I eat my sugar wafers. Strawberry, Vanilla, give away the chocolate ones.