Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And That's the Day Mommy Started Drinking at Lunchtime

The Cast:
Mommy, Age 32
Oldest Brother, Age 6
Nephew, Age 4 1/2
Oldest Sister, Age 4
Youngest Sister, Age 1

The Theme: How Mommy Lost Her Mind
As told in brief statements of reflection
Ongoing Facebook Status via Twitter (indicated by italics)

Bethany Shumate Zabrosky gets to take 4, count em FOUR kids into 1 tiny doctor's office. So if you would pray for Jesus to come back before 9 am this morning, that would be great. Thanks
Left the house at 8:15am
.....got on the wrong freeway
....late for (2) kids' doc appointment
...4 kids in 1 tiny doc room
...loud boys with pretend guns during hearing test
...holding down 4 year old girl for 4 shots
....1 year old falling out of chairs during 4 year old's shots
...disharmony and unkindness flowing out of 3 big kids' mouths

....milkshakes undeserved but promised without a behavior clause
...1 year old screaming
Bethany Shumate Zabrosky is attempting to engage in French Fry Therapy with crappy fries and too little ketchup.

...6 year old back to schoo-wait, feed 6 year old lunch first and then back to school
....breathe because there is one less kid
...gas for the car
...4 1/2 year old nephew sobbing because of potty accident
...pull out of long line at gas station
...port-a-potty 4 1/2 year old nephew
...1 year old screaming
...port-a-potty 4 year old daughter
...gas station line again
...find pants in car for soaked nephew
...gas pump pumps more gas than desired, goodbye groceries
...1 year old screaming
...pharmacy for allergy meds
...1 year old screaming

...lunch for big kids
...1 year old screaming and throwing herself on the floor
...big kids go play
...1 year old screaming and kicking
...1 year old finally accepts lunch and stops screaming
...pack up nephew's bags for him to go home
...pack up bags for t-ball game
...begin t-ball laundry
...pick up 6 year old from school
...4 year old daughter melts down because she didn't get a hug from her friend at her brother's school
...pile kids into car
Bethany Shumate Zabrosky might actually go insane today.....TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Huzzah!!

...drive 30 mins to take nephew home
...1 year old screaming
...1 year old and 4 year old daughter sleep-ahhhhhhh
...drop off nephew

...head home to get t-ball laundry and prepare for first game in 2 weeks
...insert 1 million distractions here
...t-ball player can't find his hat
...grown up words almost yelled despite pre school toys being present
...t-ball game in the light rain

It's raining on the field but the crazy fog is lifting.

...daddy arrives
...t-ball done and 6 year old melts down when he doesn't receive game ball

...dinner (THE END IS IN SIGHT!)
...6 year old sent to bed 40 minutes early for disobedience
...1 year old screaming
...4 year old alternating between sweetness and not so sweetness
...playtime with 1 year old
...bedtime for 4 year old
...bedtime for 1 year old

Bethany Shumate Zabrosky fjewioh48329jdnv.


  1. There are pills for this you know! ;-)

  2. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I think I'm doing a little of both.:) How true this "day in the life" is. Sometimes there are these days and we just pray that they are few and faaaarrrrrr between. Congratulations you SURVIVED!!!

  3. I feel as though I were there with you in the madness... well put.

    What is UP with those days? I took care of my sister-in-law's two babies, 1 year and 5 months, for three days along with my own rugrats and I just about lost my mind. It is so crazy. I don't even begin to imagine how the Duggars to it!

  4. Oh Bethany, that made my heart hurt. I'm so very sorry you had a terrible, rotten, no good, day.

  5. I think my blood pressure rose while reading this! Yikes!

  6. Yeah, we sit home all day eating bon bons...

    You are so funny.

    Love ya

  7. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. I think want to let out a scream into my pillow just about now. I just felt the words of this blog vaporize out of my monitor and penetrate into my skin and I feel tense and a bit stressed now. Okay so next I think I am going to go to my Favorite Twilight blog and read up on my boys so I could relax.

    But, I am happy that, that day is over for you. I have had my own versions of those kind of days and it's maddening! Your alive! You survived and when I saw you today you looked sober ; ) ! So yaaay for another point for the mommy team!

  8. You're amazing. Thanks for being so real!!!

  9. Although I've been privy to the facebook updates (thank you facebook mobile!) i LOVED the whole story...

    you need a nap!

  10. And in time they grow up. Sounds SO familiar tho.

  11. Oh my dear dear dear friend. SO there with you!