Monday, April 20, 2009


All around me, there is silence.
The cause of my conflict is tucked safely in bed.
I focus myself and with great concentration begin to apply layer after layer-painting myself and symbolically showing the world:

This is war.

I have declared it and will not rest until I win.
Or I'm dead.

The warpaint applied, I surround herself with my arsenal of weapons and begin the waiting.
I may appear peaceful.
I may appear calm.
But a battle is raging right there on my face.

It is the signs of aging.
And this 32 year old plans to win.


  1. dave and I both turn 30 this year and we are both feeling a mid-life crisis coming on ... dave has signed up to run a marathon and I am getting a dog. I think a face mask is much more reasonable! Good luck!

  2. I support this war effort.
    And I approve of this message.

  3. Oooh cool can you please share the spec's of your aresenal? What is type of green goo have you applied?

  4. I like the Origins Clay's actually grey. :)

    Origins Clear Improvement

  5. hahahahahaha! Such perfect application!

  6. Ah, it's the MASK! By the way are you going to do a sequel? I loved you on Jim Carey, but you also look great on my friend Benny here.