Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look Away...I'm Hideous

This morning, when I woke up, it was quickly apparent that I had spent most of the night sleeping on my face. There was a very strong resemblance to Mel Gibson in "Man Without a Face."

No, I am not posting a picture of myself. I do have a teeny tiny shred of dignity.

I can't take Nathan to school looking like this so even though we are ready to go, we are waiting for Mommy to return to normal. 

Do you think they have a box to check on Nate's Tardy Slip for something like this? 

This might be a fill in the blank situation.
Reason For Tardy......

...Mom just wasn't herself.
...was busy fostering an appreciation for the Mel Gibson films of the 1990's. (Next is "Forever Young.")
...student to terrified to ask for a ride to school.


  1. funny...

    i really do love that movie though.

    Don't you live in california? Surely mommys face not "being itself" is an acceptable excuse in many parts of california.

  2. Hats with veils...there was a reason for those.

  3. I suppose you can't do curb drop off until 1st grade, huh? Many moms of older kids are in PJ's and looking , well, "not themselves" when they do morning drop off....Next year will be different.;)

  4. DOn't you wish you were Judy Jetson and had a fake mask you could put on momentarily?